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Shops shut after strike call against Sterlite unit in Tamil Nadu

Tuticorin(TN), Mar 24 (PTI) Several shops here remained shut today in response to a strike called by members of over 50 associations and local people demanding the closure of the Sterlite Copper Smelter Plant, a part of the Vedanta group, as the unit was allegedly polluting the groundwater in the area.

Barring a few medical shops and others selling essential items, all the business establishments were closed.

Adequate security personnel were deployed to prevent any untoward incident.

Meanwhile, a Vedanta group release said, “The plant has received the necessary regulatory clearances for expansion and our primary commitment is to ensure the development and well-being of all the communities around our operations.”

“Zero discharge systems, utilisation of waste for sustainable applications, energy efficient systems and stringent emission monitoring are the hallmark of Sterlite and these will only be strengthened through the expansion,” it said.

“The smelter plant is self-reliant in terms of power and water requirements and will not use any nearby natural resources,” it added.

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