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Gold smugglers adopt novel methods: Customs official

Kochi, Mar 31(PTI) Smugglers have adopted new methods of smuggling gold and other valuable items through the airport here by converting the yellow metal into powder and compounds in paste form, a top Customs official said today.

The Customs Commissioner Sumit Kumar said, “The smugglers have resorted to neo-age alchemy, by converting the gold into powder and compounds in paste form.”

He said the sleuths, despite limited manpower, have effectively curbed the crime.

During the last six months (from October 2017 till date), sleuths have seized 61 kg of gold worth around Rs 19 crore and registered 211 cases, he said.

The duty collected from televisions and other electronic goods during the period was Rs 11.81 crores. Fine collection amounted to Rs 18.28 lakh, he said.

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