A corporate friendly budget

Satyabrata Dwibedy


Constructing too many roads-digitizing India- e-learning-200 Tv Channels for students tele-medicines are just to support the corporate India who operate from metros.This budget has ignored the rural and semi-urban India.

Narendra Modi government again proved that it focused more on corporate interest then common Indians.It failed to understand the grim of Indian hinterlands./India thrives at villages.startups donot comply the employment guarantee of rural youths.More focus on roads,telecom,rail,logistics will help Reliance Jio Mart to grow;Adani to grow-what we witnessed during pandemic.When India was struggling for livelihood and survival these Adani-Ambani duo multiplied their assets.

The duty of a welfare state is not to spoil national assets to facilitate corporate is dangerous to encourage transporting cheap vegetables from Andhra to Odisha by the Jio-Mart network by a Government sponsored express road network rather to compel Jio Mart to procure the vegetables produced by Odia farmers.So too much of roads are disruptive.

200 TV channels for the e-learning of students is not a bad idea, but what about the elevated cost of higher education and technical education ?Had the Modi government done anything to reduce the cost of medical education?Cost of private coaching is sky-rocking every year.Education cost of job guarantee courses are beyond the reach of middle and poor.The training cost of SAP is beyond the reach of a poor.What is the plan of the government to regulate the cost of these courses ?

The only welfare announcement is house and water !! The prime need of the present generation is employment .We are already @ 2022,the BJP Government must not forget its historic assurance non other then Prime Minister Modi to double farmers income by 2022 !!!

Ironically farmers income has gone down to historic low due to price rise and inflation. Unproportionate Diesel cost,power cost,reduced subsidy and elevated fertilizer cost has ruined Indian farmers. Modi government in the last eight years has only focused on more tax,more publicity and more corporate friendly policies to exploit the economy of poor,middle class,small businesses and rural India.The more fanatic interest of this government is the instinct to be rich keeping the common Indians poor.The intention of the Modi Government is to regulate wealth creation and to control it under the hands of few. This is exactly the China model under the cover of democracy where in China the wealth of the country is controlled by few business houses under the direct control of China’s top leadership.India is exactly on the same path.take the example of the Modi’s loyal corporate houses like Adani and Ambani.These two groups are continuously taking over all the crucial sectors of the country starting from media-press-retail-telecom-e-commerce-energy-logistics and what ever emerging lucrative and crucial.This is monopolistic trade praktice and should not be encouraged in a democracy. What is the link of Mukesh Ambani with media ?Why not it be reviewed in MIB about the vested interest of this business man in operating a big news Channel like TV-18 ?media business is for media professionals,not for traders.If traders encroach the Press then how could be Indian press be a free press.The Lipstick Pig cartoon in a foreign media narrates the ridiculous state of Indian media controlled by politicians and corporate.

This budget is to make India poor and government rich.This is a budget to to make rich more rich and poor more poor.This is a budget for traders,venders,suppliers and contractors to accumulate wealth and benefit there political masters.This is a budget to glitter the urban life and collapse the rural eco-system..

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