A Letter from Rahul Gandhi to all “Azad”

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Dear Shri Gulam Nabi Azad,delighted to receive your resignation. It should have been given three years earlier when you attended 70 years.Unlike BJP, congress is a liberal party,orelse party would have thrown you to Marg Darshak Mandali,like Advanijii and many stalwarts were thrown,I appreciate this idea of Modijii,as a ideal political reform in India.

Your allegation against my PA and security guard regarding decisaion making in the party,I take it in a positive note.So far I understand politics,it is a easy play.Had it not been so,my mother Sonia Gandhi,who understands nothing about India and politics could not have been managed a Government for 10 years(UPA I & II) and run a party for 24 years.That time also her security guards and PA’s were calling the shots and knowing all that you and the so called G-23 were mysteriously silent for obvious reasons.Because you all were enjoying power,so no one of you(G-23) had the intention to be an activist.

Why I am calling Politics an easy game, I have another clue- all the G-23 members of congress party revolting against the party , most of you have other business and politics is recreation club for them.Kapil Sibal,Manish Tiwari, P.Chidambaram all of you.What is the side business of Amit Shah ? Can you enlighten me? At least in this count my PA’s have no side business and they are full time politicians.

In your letter you yourself have confessed the entire chronology of the rewards that party has given to you,then what propelled you to leave the party, instead taking retirement to pave path for young leaders?Do you in the hope of a perpetual space in the party without being fit for the assignments to meet the new age challenges of politics?

I advise you to withdraw your resignation and apply for retirement from politics,that would be more respectful exit for you.

I have a plan B for you and your entire coterie of G-23.How many of you can be a poster boy of the party? I mean, if party would make you AICC chief who among you can be the acceptable leader whom people will recognize,trust and vote? Tell me a name among you 23 and I ensure he will be elected AICC chief within one hour.My mother Sonia Gandhi is not over intrested to bear this unwarranted burden in this unwell condition.She is taking the pain because she knows congress would be spilled in the ground in the hands of you like hypocrites. We are really in search of a true leader,that leader is not me as well, having said that none of you are leaders.You are alike those PA’s and security guards once calling the shots in AICC during Rajib Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and UPA era.

I have a plan C-can any one of you lead your respective states as poster boy and bring party to power?This is a small assignment against the party given you power and priviledge to build your mass image, have you build it or spoiled the opportunity by roaming around Lutyen’s Delhi all along in your life and enjoying your days within eco chambers of power corridor and have enjoyed the glittering night life’s of Delhi.

Let us discuss about my plan D, it is a easy task.You all have been Union ministers for several times,even you have been a CM of Jammu and Kashmir.Can any one of you,the G-23 gang can win a Lok Sabha election fighting independently? Can you name one name among you 23.

You must have known Mr Naveen Pattnaik,22 years into power,people of Odisha still obsessed to have a glimpse of his physical appearance. I have rarely seen such a popular and undisputed public figure.How many of you match his image.Can you blame congress for it??

I gladly welcome your resignation and confess that it is not your mistake,it is the mistake of the Gandhi family to encourage a minion culture in the party.You all have served the party as minions not as leaders.Who have elected Rajib Gandhi as the Peime Minister of India?Was he a leader? So far I remember you and your infamous G-23 were young then but nourished your political ambition by flattening Rajib Gandhi, because he had no idea of politics,thus was clueless of whom to promote in politics and whom to avoid. Rajib Gandhi was under myth to believe that people revolving around his were the true leaders and therefore he ignored promoting mass leaders.The present distress of congress is the aftermath of that historic mistake.

If I will be assigned the President job of AICC once more my role model will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi.I will follow his footprints to manage the party and government.Even I will not hesitate to take his physical advise to manage affairs with clarity.Thankfully you have resigned I may opted to shake you and all the old brigade of AICC brokers to push young talents,may be they are my security guard or the new security guards to protect Congress legacy and to reinvent the legacy,different then the ideas of Gandhi legacy.

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