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Arun Sahu to Arnab goswami : The mockery of Democracy

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Lal Bahadur Shastry had resigned from Union Cabinet owing responsibility of a train accident. This has been a tool to consider as benchmark by the opposition to demand dismissal or resignation of ministers in case of any tragedy. Shastry had committed a blunder and the then prime minister validated the action to gain populism by setting a wrong precedence without logic.A rail minister seating at his ministry can’t be held responsible for a train tragedy due to the error of a signal-man.We must redefine political accountability by setting aside the Shastry school of thought before Indian democracy turned into a mockery.If Shastry theory is to continue then every day the Home Ministers of each State has to resign for the increasing crimes occurring daily.

There is a huge noise in media and massive hue and cry by the opposition demanding either resignation or expulsion of one minister of Odisha Arun Sahu linking his name with the murder and alleged rape of one minor girl Pari. Criminals need to be punished,but by whom? By media,politicians or by Court ?Whether TV screen,floor of the house or streets are the forum to run trials of criminal cases ?This incident is a four months old case.No one had the sympathy for the family including the politicians and media until a political angel was discovered lately.

Today a delegation of BJP legislators visited the village of the victim,what were they doing in the last few months.Are they serious of giving justice to the victim or more focused on score political gain against the government ? it is alleged that one henchman of minister Arun Sahu is involved in the crime and minister is trying to cover-up the culprits.This is not a issue to be resolved in the streets rather opposition should demand proper investigation and fast-tracking of the case.

We have seen how a TV anchor Arnab Goswami runs media trial and spreads toxicity,probably Odisha is ushering into that bizarre state of intolerance and media driven political noise. Hopefully India is transforming into the late seventies Pakistan and Bangldesh to replicate the story of Julfikar Alli Bhutto or Mujibur Rehmen. Criminal nexus of politicians is a pan Indian story.It is a obvious story due to the erroneous democratic process and praktices of India.Even for the first time we witnessed riots at the aftermath of US presidential elections in 2020. Greed for power till perpetuity is infecting the new age leaders with many corrupt ideas in their mind including criminal networks.

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