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Food for Brain Development

Story at-a-glance The more you eat a diet based on whole, healthy foods, the more your brainpower will soar, even to the point of staving off age-related...


Peptic Ulcer Part-2

Over 25 million Americans will suffer from a peptic ulcer at some point during their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A...


Peptic Ulcer- Part-1

  A stomach ulcer, also known as a gastric ulcer, is a sore or lesion that develops in the lining of the stomach. It can also occur in the upper part of...


Septicemia Part-2

  Sepsis is a life-threatening disease of disproportionate inflammatory response to microbial infection. The elderly and infants are more prone to sepsis...


Pabitra Promo

Yoga & its benefits