“Congress walked out of the Bijepur Battle midway” -Congress Candidate Pranay Sahu

Newscast Editorial,Bhubaneswar:-“It was not a gentleman’s elections,democracy was at the height of mockery by both BJD and BJP. Elections Commission was not visible even in the far horizon of Bijepur.It was not possible at our end to match the money and muscle power of both the parties.So, as soon as elections approached nearer our participation was turned into mere formality ,how ever I predict BJD will be the winner.Not because of any popularity wave,it is only because of Money and the support of entire Government Mechanism which has worked tirelessly till the last minute including the crucial job of money and freebies circulation”,says Congress candidate of Bijepur Pranay Sahu.

“We were in Government in Delhi for 10 years but we have no equal strength of Money like BJP today,though BJP rule is just four years old. BJP has amassed such a massive black money strength in the last three years that it could invest 100 crorers per MP segment in 2019.So we are afraid and informally distanced from the run for Bijepur. Now our concern is not Bijepur rather we are concerned about the fate of Democracy in 2019 in the destructive hands of BJP”, says Congress leader and Ex-Member of Parliament Pradeep Majhi.

We felt Humiliated and nervous in front of the money-managed elections with the echoing  bullets and  the rounding of choppers permanently in the sky of Bijepur, added Majhi again.

During the process of elections we have raised this question several times to BJD and BJP leaders regarding the quantum of investment,the source of funding and use of Black money in Bijepur Elections which they have conveniently denied time and again as they are denying it even today.

How ever the use of Black Money by both BJP and BJD was very much visible in the elections of Bijepur to the tune of  atleast 100 times above the prescribed limit of Elections Commission in Bijepur.

Not only black money but also violence was unprecedented so far Odisha is concerned.

Answering to a question if there is a secret understanding between BJD and Congress, Majhhi denied it out-rightly. Still political analysts have enough ground to believe that there is some understanding between the two.May be it is a compulsion of Congress at the National level.

BJP on the other hand is desperate to takeoff its mission 120 from Bijepur,but the way party adopted in Bijepur to win a by-elections will create more questions then answers as to the honesty and integrity of the party at the back drop of its huge source of funding in Bijepur.

Though Modi reiterates “Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga”,in reality, from the days of Modi Government in Delhi the elections expenditure of BJP in different states has galloped unconventionally.Not only the party expenditure, Modi Government has also  misused the Government exchequer by spending thousands of crorers for the image propaganda which is several times higher then the previous UPA Government,as per one RTI reply of the Government..

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