Fake propaganda for a paid entry in OSCAR.

Since last several days a propaganda has spread in every media of the entry of one Odia film in OSCAR. It is a cleverly twested propaganda. However this not not a epoch making chapter of Odia cinema for many obvious reasons.First of all General Category entry for OSCAR is a paid entry, one producer who could deposit $12500/- means nearly Rs800000/-(Eight Lakhs) can apply for General Category entry. Many producers apply in this category use the OSCAR tag for propaganda. This film is like the others.Another Malayalam Cinema using this route was so propagating loudly as if it has got a OSCAR nomination which was widely criticized by Malayalam media for fake publicity. Odia media is different.The fact finding and verification of different claims are poor in Odisha.It is seen that many media report described it as OSCAR nomination due to the publicity lobby of the producer.The fact is Jalikatu is the only official entry of India for OSCAR for this year.Many other producers have applied for nomination in General Entey Category,but no one has received any nomination from OSCAR.

The misery is the habit of spreading fake news and claiming fake credit.Media should hold the publicity pages reserved for the deserving people who worth credit.It is known to all that OSCAR is a highly quality cinema platform where the performance of Indian cinema is dismal. Many big directors have failed to sustain a OSCAR entry.In this pretext the irresponsible media of Odisha should not propagate a fake news in a big scale without verifying the truth behind the claim and the credibility of the Film.This is diminishing the news value of our mainstream media.


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