Finally the tiger is out of Cage.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Finally the real Soumya Ranjan Pattnaik emerged from ashes.He was in exile for quite a few times to pursue his political ambition,but he probably have picked a wrong platform.The current media through out the world is not only biased there is a dearth of talent as well.In India the situation is more dismal.Standard of editorial has come down to a alarming low.In this critical era the standard of Odia media and news paper is no different,rather problem is more big.

There was time when editorial was the ornament of a news paper.Soumya Pattnaik in this respect is a genius par excellence. In the contemporary India he is one among the finest news editors having great understanding of news and stretegy of a news paper.My understanding about him is quite peculiar. I believe he is among the few elite of the globe who can talk of any subject of the socio-political universe without a preparation time.He is not only a news editor,more of it he is a unique visionary.Looking at him I often believe there is a destiny,if there is no destiny then how come Anubhab Mohanry became a Member of Parliament for twice with much comfort and Prasanna Patsani for numerous time and Soumya Pattnaik failed to complete a full tenure as MP twice.India lagging behind great vision in leadership because visionaries fail to succeed in politics,the other example is P.V.Narasimha Rao.The harbinger of prosperity to India,who rescued India from bankruptcy failed to win 1996 General Elections because the stupid Indians were more in need of a Ram Temple then Economy,so they trusted Advani then Rao.In this mathematics Soumya Patrnaik is a failed leader. I wonder to witness the nerrative against Soumya Pattnaik as mines owner.He may have owned mines,however he is a Odia mine owner,who are the current top mine owners of Odisha,Odia or non-Odia??Some people has to be mines owner,what is the crime in that?The second bizarre allegation against him is,he is the son-in-law of Ex CM of Odisha J.B.Pattnaik!! A more big crime rather. So in this way we evaluate talents and knowledge in India.President Trumph is a big corporate giant of USA,but no one had clubbed his corporate credential with his presidential candidature. So far I understand about leadership,vision and Administration, Soumya Pattnaik is a perfect combination of all to be a good Chief Minister but he failed to project him and counter the myths surrounds him.The present President of China is a son of a political leader.Hariyana,Andhra,Maharastra,Uttar Pradesh,Bihar, Tamilnadu,Jammu and Kashmir and.finally Odisha is ruled by dynasts. But Soumya Pattnaik failed to convince that he is not a unique deviation.

Finally he commits the mistake of joining BJD which is a non-political urban club like Bhubaneswar Club where IAS are the by default members and politicians are like the moneyed people who cluster around Bhubaneswar club to be a member by paying premium price without logic and justification.So Susanta Singh,Tukuni Sahu,Naba Das and Sanjib Sahu are the talented and afficient ministers of Odisha !!Just two days back I was witnessing a press briefing of Elina Das,the new talented spokesperson of BJD ! Due to my stupidity I had the knowledge of knowing her as an album dancer when I was producing TV contents.Meanwhile she has transformed her as a big political leader ,representing and narrating the ideology of BJD .Political wisdom is a perception only,so any one can be a great leader at the wish and whims of the master.

Very lately Soumya Pattnaik expressed his editorial courage to expose BJD and its wrong doings.It was expected from him .The Covid-19 reality which he has exposed is unique in India and it is a eye opener for not only Odia media but also for the national media which is dancing at the tune of Modi Government.The real facts and figures of Covid pandemics must be noted in right terms to write a credible history on Covid-19.Odisha as well as India expect Soumya Pattnaik to be fare enough for journalism which is in stress now.The life of a journalist full of hypocrisy like Arnab Goswamys is not illustrious, thus are very short and ridiculous. Radhanath Rath or pradyumna Bala are not remembered in Odisha as politicians,they are remembered as the epitome of journalism.The ultimate identity of Soumya Pattnaik summarized with his credentials as a editor with an enclyopedia of knowledge in him.

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