OSCAR entry of a Odia cinema:What is the point of jubilation?

Since yesterday all national media and electronic media of Odisha is jubilantly promoting a news of OSCAR entry of a Odia cinema !The news is rooted from cleverly written tweet of the concerned director.We wonder how fraudulence is at large in entertainment industry.When we enquire we find Jalikattu movie is the official entry of India for OSCAR for 2020-21.It is absolutely fake news of getting OSCAR entry of any Odia cinema. No such approval has been accorded by the OSCAR committee. It is open for all cinema worldwide to apply for OSCAR nomination.This film is on the process of application in General Entry Category, like thousands of cinema apply, dreaming for a OSCAR entry. General Entey has certain procedure which any producer can do if he has ample money but but not necessarily will get a entry into OSCAR race unless it has extraordinary worth.

We got information from sources that this producer has a habit of spreading fake news earlier.He has mentioned in his wikipedia page claiming one of his Cinema begged 32 international awards,when we verified we find his entire claim fake.Even the festivals he mentioned are non-existent. He claims him self a alumini of IIM,Banglore while we enquired IIM Banglore confirmed us no such person had ever a alumini of this prestigious institution.Surprisingly the said person tactfully edited his educational status after getting Padmashree Award.

Very sadly the Padma Search Committee of India never verified his proclaimed profile which was mostly packed with exaggerated and fake informations.While claiming himself as internationally acclaimed film producer the said person had interestingly never qualified to participate in a IFFPA accredited foreign film festival,all his participation are non-graded and non-credible foreign film festivals including once or twice in Cannes Film Festival in the market section.The market section of Cannes is open for all who pays money.This is not a credit winning event for a producer.It is to mention here that world wide there are more then 5000 Film Festivals among them only 13 are accredited to IFFPA.This person had never qualified for any foreign Film Festival accredited to IFFPA.Very sadly the real credential and true credibility for a genuine film maker rarely recognized in India amidst huge noise by the fake talents.The producer who is trumpeting his OSCAR entry must share the letter if any he has received from OSCAR committee. Otherwise he should clarify the real status of his film contrary to the fake news that has been propagated in mainstream Indian media to get public attention without substance and merit.

The people of Odisha wonder when substandard and fake people have managed to snatch a Padma Award while ignoring legendary film makers like Prasanta Nanda and Music legend Akhya Mohanry is still deprived of a Padma award.


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