“Range Odia-Dhanga Odia” and the hypocrisy unlimited.

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

The above punch line is a Odia language term which means Odia look and feel of Satellite TV Channel Tarang.May be,but they skipped the main thrust area-the soul.The real issue of all TV Channels and films in Odisha is the content erosion. Before Tarang ventured into Odisha market the only private TV channel of Odisha was ETv Odia.However Tarang is a venture of an Odia entrepreneur. It was expected that the OTV group would try some experiment to boost Odia contents.But sadly there endover to boost Odia literature was more poor then the attempts of ETv.

ETv had tried to make a series on Odia classics probably in the name of Pratibimba.The look and feel hype growing important for Tarang due to the inroad of Star Plus to Odisha market.Star Plus also has picked some imported contents and making them with a Odia twist.

During last couple of years Tarang has also ventured into film production,but the same cheap formula.South or Marathi copy.Well,across globe remake has been a trend now a days but simultaneously some Odia contents could have been accommodated to meet the moral responsiblity of being a responsible media house.

It is sometimes discussed that content writers are at death at Odisha.May be true,but they can be groomed. Skilling of talents through CSR funding is the option.Other crucial job is to pick proper talents and to groom them.

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