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Herbs of India

Indian Herb : Guggul

  Guggul is the common name for the flowering mukul myrrh tree (Commiphora mukul). It is a small, thorny tree that is most commonly found in India, in the...

Herbs of India

Indian Herb : Supari (Betel Nut)

What is Betel Nut? The areca tree is a feathery palm that grows to approximately 1.5 m in height and is widely cultivated in tropical India, Bangladesh, Japan...


କେଶ ପାଇଁ ବରଦାନ ଅଁଳା

ଲମ୍ବା ଓ ଘନ କେଶ ପ୍ରତି ଅଧିକାଂଶଙ୍କର ଦୁର୍ବଳତା । ତେବେ କେଶ ଝଡିବା ଆଜିର ସମୟରେ ଅଧିକାଂଶଙ୍କର  ଏକ ମୁଖ୍ୟ ସମସ୍ୟା । କେଶର ଘନତ୍ଵ ପାଇଁ ମହୌଷଧି ଫଳ ହେଉଛି ଅଁଳା । ଆଣ୍ଟିଆକ୍ସିଡାଣ୍ଟ  ଓ...


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