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The emergence of New India

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor “Chokidar Chor hey” was a election abuse used by Rahul Gandhi against Narendra Modi,interestingly Modi twested this abuse...


A corporate friendly budget

Satyabrata Dwibedy Editor Constructing too many roads-digitizing India- e-learning-200 Tv Channels for students tele-medicines are just to support the...


Another publicity blunder of Modi

Satyabrata Dwibedy Just today a survey report is doing the round claiming Modi more popular leader then the top leaders of the world.This rating gimmicks was...


Change your Media Advisors Mr Modi !

Satyabrata Dwibedy Let me start with the Epic Story of Saint Dadhichi.When Rishi Dadhichi was approached for his bone to make it the weapon Bazra,he had one...


A visionless Statesman !

Satyabrata Dwibedy Narendra Modi is a cruel reformist. He was merciless while renovating Kashi temple and more then that to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and...


The Mobo-cracy India heading to.

Satyabrata Dwibedy Today India observed a Bharat Band.It is in protest to the new Agric Bill.It was spontaneous without knowing the nuance of the purpose.A...


Pabitra Promo

Yoga & its benefits