The emergence of New India

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

“Chokidar Chor hey” was a election abuse used by Rahul Gandhi against Narendra Modi,interestingly Modi twested this abuse to his electoral advantage in 2019 with the tagline “Han mein bhi chokidar hun”.The real issue is the instinct ,conviction and credibility to convince the voters, which Modi did throughout his rule as Prime Minister of India.Boforse was a scam but Rafale was not.The same is the case of UP,where opposition used the abuse by describing Yogi Adityanath as Buldozer Baba and Yogi used this abuse to his credit swiftly. Though this is a marketing trick,behind this is a strong conviction,credibility and honesty.

At the initial days of Modi rule I was an ardent critic of PM Modi because I was looking at his style of functioning through the lenses of conventionalism. However Modi is a out-of-the-box leader.His vision of new India is a replacement of China and the world is eagerly waiting to see India as the alternative of China.

India could have achieved this dream much before 2014,but Sonia Gandhi spoiled the dreams of aspirational India by destroying the leadership eco system of India.The vested interest gang like Lalu,Mulayam,Sonia and the communist coterie spoiled the crucial two decades of India.This gang first betred a visionary Prime Minister Narasimha Rao then Bajapyee and finally placed a puppet like Manmohan Singh at the helm of India and pushed its fortune to darkness.India is no more ready to trust these betrayers.The massive victory in UP clearly heralded a new India where narrow caste, community and nepotism has no role to play in governance.The new discovery of Narendra Modi is to invent a community called beneficiary, those who are really needy.Benificiary in the terms of Modi are not necessarily poor but it is across sector.Benificiary for entrepreneurship to beneficiary for livelihood every one has given there right stake in Modi rule.While Modi has a massive dream for a enterprise India he is equally concerned to the poor deprived and needy.This was not there in governance earlier.Congress backed corruption spoiled India in 60 years,this is why people feel tempted when some one claims him self as Buldozer-Baba.Because India was eagerly waiting for a Baba who could demolish the iron wall of nepotism,Mafia Raj and scams.The way ahead is bit clear.The current leadership of India is stable and a compulsion for the country.Democracy does not necessarily mean a change of guard in every five years if it is not required.Even a visionary leader could rule a country for his lifetime if country needs his leadership at greater interest.This is the new dictum of Democracy India is going to write on the wall in 2024.

The true distress of India begins with the rise of a group of mediocres in every sector right from politics,corporate to beuaurocracy. The era of unicorns in corporate India,the era of domain experts in beuaurocracy only begins after Modi rule.This is a new India where there is no fear for inauthentic public opinion,only expert opinions are trusted with great integrity. Take the example of farmers law.No one could convincingly described the law anti-farmer,only a mob and a series of hearsay dominated the mindset of the farmers. It is because of a lot of farmer casualty Government compelled to withdraw the law.So a lot of liberty is sometimes counter productive when toff decission is required to build a nation.Modi is that man who could dare to take toff decission to correct the mistakes Indian rulers have done to make India weak, underdeveloped and poor.The limitations of Modi to take on China is the mistake of his predecessors,he can’t blame for it but surely he is the man who could slowly and quietly correct those blunders and one day turn History in the name of India.

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