The game behind the Maharastra master stroke

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

What was the game behind the sceen of Maharastra episode? BJP leadership propagated it a sacrifice for the sake of value based politics but the main reason was a fear and apprehension. The dispute between Shiv Sena and BJP in 2020 was for the post of CM,Shiv Sena was rigid for the post as a result there was many funny drama including the mid night oath taking ceremony of Debendra Fadnabis. Finally Udhav Thackery broke the coalition and formed government with the help of Congress and NCP.Point is why the magnanimity BJP showed today was not shown that time.There is a fear mixed with an apprehension.The hijack of Shiv Sena MLAs’ are gradually turning into a narrative of Gujrat lobby vrs Marathi admits.This may any time turn into a ugly turn in Maharastra.People of Maharastra are emotionally attached with Shiv Sena and presume this party their savior.Incase of an anti Gujrati narrative spread across Maharastra it would affect BJP financially and politically.Gujrati is an influential business community of Mumbai.Shiv Sena is trying to club Modi and Shah as anti Maratha and they are clubbed with the Gujrati identity.So BJP tried to distanced from this dilemma.

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