The Mobo-cracy India heading to.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Today India observed a Bharat Band.It is in protest to the new Agric Bill.It was spontaneous without knowing the nuance of the purpose.A lockdown of India for a day costs a great damage to the economy. Let us not calculate the value but discuss the tendency. Are we in a war with self ?The mob culture of India is on a dangerous turn.It was not that hazardous before the toxic inroad of social media to India.The policy and stretegy of a complex country has to be divested to experts without dissecting expert knowledge in public view.Each citizen of a democracy is a stake holder but not a policy maker and for God sake,should not be.People should be alert in selecting efficient governments and monitoring institutional freedom.Democratic neutrality is reducing drastically in India.Political parties are trying to ambress common citizens under the umbrella of political affiliation. The membership drive of Indian political parties are spreading upto to the common forum. Under the net of social media tens of thousands of accounts are being created to hold common voters as permanent affiliate to party ideology. This is against the fundamental principle of democracy. Common citizens should left unbiased to judge the performance of a government in each five years.The permanent ideological division of voters is not the true spirit of democracy.Question to power is essential.Few people are surely in love with power but common men suppose to perform not as a votary of the power brokers but the true judge of the Government.

The country is divided of the farm-bill,however the interpretation must be technical and debate thereof needs to be knowledge based.Each institution of India has to be questioned for their contribution to the bottom of the pyramid. The biggest question to supreme court is not how Arnab Goswami gets a special hearing within 48 hours,the real question is whether a common man is able to get a hearing of this court even after 48 months without hiring a lawer with a cost of few Lakhs.Harish Salve is important or Justice is important?

Same and shame is the media.Why not a bureau office of National media is each state head Quarters?Have India ever demanded a news audit of news Channels to review their license.Do we mean gossip in eco-chambers as news of far India.How India behaved the Nirbhaya incident and what about the similar cases across India every day.The CBI to NCB are fit to encounter toff questions after they stationed at Mumbai to jointly investigate the Sushant Singh Rajput case with best of their vigour till the Bihar election is complete.Let us start question the power and also admire their best job.Narendra Modi is admirable in many counts,he has to be praised but not necessarily by taking membership of BJP.

Troll is an ugly culture,the same people had rejected Indira Gandhi and voted him again.This is called democracy.There is no harm in voting Modi time and again but he has to be judged every day with honesty and integrity.Vote him but donot admire him blindly to validate the blunders like De-moneytization and lockdown.

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