To save UP at the cost of Punjab

BJP at the watch of its supreme leader Narendra Modi is very much affluent in theatrics. Nationalism is a big theater for this hardliner political party.It is believed that India has been a democracy with minority appeasement a big political strategy to win elections.BJP initiated the reverse strategy under the watch of L.K.Advani. However they failed to maintain the hardcore Hindu-nationalism idea fearing international anger.Today the entire team of Narendra Modi is well tuned to explore the Hindu sentiment of India. Mostly the cow-belt is the appropriate ground to experiment Hindu-nationalism.

However the Covid pandemic and the tremor which rocked UP mostly has many reasons to believe that the coming UP election is not a safe game for BJP.There are many ifs and buts and possibly there is a chance of defeat for BJP mainly due to covid,inflation,petrol price and China off-course.Modi is a tricky player to twist every election towards communalism and Pakistan.

It was a narrow escape in 2019 Parliament election with Pakisthan as the main election plank.However 2022 UP assembly election is crucial for BJP as UP is the gateway to Delhi power corridor.The security threat of Modi which is exclusively a NSG issue and needs to be reviewed with top confidentiality is ridiculously being discussed in TV debates to tempt false nationalism.BJP is very much aware that Punjab is not in its plate and erupting a agenda to provoke the life threat of PM Modi could be a good election agenda to divert and fool the people of UP.

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