Two operation Rahul-one perpetual and other classic !

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

Coincidentally two operation Rahul in one day.13th June 2022.Congress leader Rahul Gandhi appeared before ED for interrogation for an alleged money laundering case.Congress party organized a protest march claiming this action political vendetta. Including senior congress leaders all the Congress chief ministers attended the rally to add glamour to it.Among the chief ministers Chhatishgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel was also present in Delhi to express his loyalty more and solidarity less for Rahul.

Loyalty to Rahul struggling legal battle in Delhi and solidatary to another 10 year old Rahul struggling for life in his state Chhatishgarh.Chief minister is a guardian of a state.The commonmen is batteling a crucial and rare humanitarian struggle,the entire system and all possible Technology has been gathered to rescue a 10 year old mentally disabled child,where NDRF a central government agency is leading the front.But unfortunately instead leading the operation as a frontline commander the CM of the State opted to revolt against central agencies and be in Delhi instead Raipur.

Spare the spurious politicians,talk of the vultures-the yellow gang-media.When country is heralding the power of mankind the vulture media is hounding the anti nationals in there studios.Arnab Goswami trying his best to drag the Muslim narrative from Delhi to Gold smuggling scam of Kerala.This is a instruction to Godi media to any way divert the political blaze out of Delhi.The vested interest eco chamber vultures are active now to divert the political narrative.When it was considered a national concern all pan India TV channels distanced themselves but to my wonder all the Odia TV channels stood firm on the ground to provide live coverage of this unique operation.Odisha is a neighbour state of Chhatishgarh and the people of Odisha has a serious water sharing conflict with the people of Chhatishgarh.However unanimously every Odia is praying Lord Jagarnath for the safe rescue of this boy.

It is 14th June 1.35 pm,NDRF is only 7inch away from Rahul where as Rahul Gandhi is appearing for the 2nd day of his interrogation before ED.Congress continues its TAMASA in the streets across the country where as NDRF,Army and commonmen struggling there alone battle to rescue Rahul. Rahul Gandhi sympathisers may be most probably served with Taj lunch packets but NDRF was fighting the war without proper food or water.So was the situation of the villagers who were in grief for there Rahul.Really, two Rahul and two India.Delhi Rahul is perpetual crowd puller where as village Rahul is a classic crowd puller.God is always kind to sufferers ,so some thing positive was awaited for Rahul Sahu finally the motivated NDRF and Indian army snatched Rahul safely in a auspicious day when Lord Jagarnath commemoreting his SNANA Yatra.Collector and DM of the district with an indebted heart said Jai Odisha and Jai Jagarnath. Let us see what is waiting for Rahul Gandhi!!

However the real India fighting a constructive war in a remote village of eastern India is ignored by the divisive national media because it resembles the spirit of United India above the narratives of National and anti-Nationals.

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