Who are the catalysts of New age politics?

Satyabrata Dwibedy.Editor

Odisha legislative assembly Member Subash Panigrahi was arrested today for his alleged involvement in attacking BDO, Tileibani.Tileibani is a block headquarter under the constituency of MLA Subash Panigrahi.Without going detail into the case I would like to quote one crucial remark of BJP chief spokes person of Odiaha Golokh Mahapatra.In a press meet Mahapatra said MLA Subash Panigrahi is a gentle,sober and down to earth person rarely visible in politics.Who ever had the opportunity to meet Subash Panigrah would have the same opinion. Representating Deogarh third time which is a rare priviledge the basic instinct of this gentleman is broadly polite.Earlier two legislators of BJD namely Saroj Meher and Prasanta Jagdev were arrested for misbehaving Government officials but BJD had no opportunity to defend by calling them innocent,gentle or sober.However in case of Subash Panigrahi BJP had that priviledge to defend its leader with genuine reasons.

System at large has to review the perenial issue creating this squabble among the politicians and bauaurocrats .It has been a common cause of conflict in Odisha because the officers from top to bottom are extremely arrogant,disrespecting public representatives and the pattern of governance has been executive centric .When most of the officers are involved in random corruption people’s representatives are straggling to establish there presence in the system. There is a vacuum enlarging day by day in Odisha about the role of politicians in the process of Governance.State assembly has been a symbolic body where no concrete path is being created to guide the process of governance.The role of the legislative assembly is diminishing day by day.Members of the legislative assembly are mostly feeling helpless to represent and address the hope and aspiration of the people whom they have promised sky high assurances.There is a anger across the state against the officers those who are busy making money for them instead working for the people.A public agitation is overdue to check the inroad of executive centric governance where there is no space for public representatives.Political vendetta is another reason to dominate opponents.The increasing trend is to promote a group of mediocre political minions as the ardent vortary who will walk the talk in behalf of the powerful bauaurocrat lobby controlling the power corridor of Odiaha. This is not a ideal precedence to carryforward the democratic values of the country but unfortunately the new reality of new age politics.

The level of accountablity of executive to legislature is reducing in the state thus election,vote,politics etc has been a bizarre business in the State.


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