Why BJD is celebrating it’s own defeat!

Satyabrata Dwibedy


Since last few days many of my BJD friends repeatedly asking one question “if BJD win Dhamnagar ?” When I say contest is toff they feel desperate again when I say advantage BJP they look inspiring and again when I say BJD has also some probability they argue Raju Das would spoil the game for sure.In a nutshell the entire BJD leadership of the state is waiting a victory celebration with the defeat of BJD !It is a bizarre moment of politics and democracy.It seems BJD has been hijacked by a group of unwarranted people and the party rank and file are being behaved like bonded labourers. The arrogance of the few those who have occupied the BJD party have a absolute monopoly over the party and no consultation precedence was followed in the party.The experiment of making the entire BJD leadership a dummy club with Pramila Bisoi the successful case study, failed in Dhamnagar.The bauaurocrats and their favorite handpicked controlling BJD was of the intention to make BJD leaderless and a bunch of illiterate rubber stamps picked from the mission shanti chain would be picked for 2024 elections those who would be conveniently follow the “Yes sir” culture which has killed democracy in Odisha since last one decade.

So BJD is celebrating it’s own defeat!Ahead it would revolt against the trespassers those who have hijacked the party.Mission Shakti in Odisha is a hoax. The real motive is to create a group of illiterate mob to support the vested interest of few elite power brokers.Since a decade there has been a systemic conspiracy to make BJD “leader Mukt”.None of the elite and self-esteemed leaders have been given free space in BJD in the last couple of years.Rather unwanted people are dropping from the blue with mysterious credentials. We have seen perishing many political outfits and political ideas but the decadence of BJD is unique.A quite popular, acceptable and established party is being destroyed due to the self interest of few power lovers.I doubt if the top leadership of the party is aware of this developments and the danger offing in the near future!

Every senior leader of BJD is celebrating its Dhamnagar defeat.Even none of them participated the campaign movement in Dhamnagar.So it is to remember that BJP has not won the election rather BJD deliberately lost the game with a self goal.Apart from some elements of sympathy for the son of late Bishnu Sethi BJP has no issue in its favor.Nationally BJP is going more unpopular day by day.There is no special choice for BJP in Odisha.Even 2024 would not bring any fortune for BJP,as the party has serious trust deficit in Odisha.Dhamnagar is a isolated incident and if BJD would not opt a political management eco system then the present bauaurocrat dominated system of the party will collapse its entire network.

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