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Why Padmashree Award turning more disputed?

Satyabrata Dwibedy


Former WB Chiefminister refused Padma Bhusan and another Bengali artist refused the Padmashree narrating it a fit award for junior artists.In fact Government has practically made the Padmashree award a Junior Artist fit award.In many years due to nepotism from Government and corruption within the Padma search committee Padmashree has been a bizarre award in India.

The first and foremost criteria for a Padmashree award is the lifetime achievement of a person in the identified field.However the search committee can easily be bribed to manipulate these parameters for a Padmashree award.A real talent will not prefer to lobby however the vested interest people who are desperate to get a Padmashree are the real corrupt stuffs who had made this industrious award more redilicious. Take the example of Odisha.The legendarily Odiya Film Director who deserves even a Dada Saheb Phalke Award is Prasanta Nanada,his name was rejected several times for a Padmashree where as one Nilamadhaba Panda managed to get Padmashree in 2015 without any substantial contribution to the field of Cinema.

The Chief Minister office of Odisha violating all the standard norms of Padma search parameter repeatedly recommended his name ignoring many legends of Odisha.Whether the search committee was bribed or there was any political consideration is a different issue but promoting substandard people for this great award gradually demeaning the magnanimity of this award and real talents avoiding receiving this award blaiming it a award meant for junior artists.

When the name of Nilamahab Panda was recommended in 2014 he was just having a meager ordinary film carrier of two cinema having no outstanding achievement. Few people are good in lobbying and bribing and polluting the aesthetic beauty of a award like Padmashree.

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