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ରୁଦ୍ରାକ୍ଷ୍ୟର ଔଷଧୀୟ ଗୁଣ (Medicinal Value of Rudhraksha)

Magically 10 Benefits of Rudraksha for Body and Soul
1.It’ll escalate your heart performance
It is somehow brings the positive electromagnetic pulse to our vital organs. By making it into necklaces, bracelets, out of any Rudraksha beads, your heart will maximized to its top notch condition. That is why this Rudraksha called as magical fruit. And, when your heart reaches its maximum condition and stay that way, it will effecting other organs positively, entirely, and in your overall body. Hence, we are more resilient, have more resistant to all free radicals attacking us, and it is also help us to improve our daily activities, and avoiding us from having coronary artery, stroke etc.

2. Anti inflammation
It will help our body and acts as anti inflammation whether it is from inside or outside of the body. Simply by soak the beads, and drink the water.

3. Cure and prevents high blood pressure
Rudraksha soaked water, turns out capable of decreasing of blood pressure and bring it down to its normal state.
Pick a grab of Rudraksha beads, soak them in water over a night, strain the water, and drink it on empty stomach. It is also good to stabilise your blood pressure.

4. Stress elixir
The seeds or Rudraksha beads can act as stress elixir. As mentioned above, magically, it induces positive electromagnetic pulse which is able to stimulates the central nerves (Brain), managing the health and its agility, and gives the relax effect by the electromagnetic pulse induced by the Rudraksha beads. Moreover, when you use it on a meditation or yoga, the benefits will be greater.

Hence, many people using and or wearing Rudraksha necklace(they are usually monks)have a better life quality. Rudraksha benefits already make them feel more relax, have more positive thinking, and peaceful mind. As the result, they have a longer healthy and happy life.

5. Pollutants absorber and neutralizer
In a day like today, where free radicals all around us, and more pollutant becoming exposed, there is no lose of trying the benefits of Rudraksha as pollutant absorber and neutralizer. Simply wear it as necklace or bracelet, and it will absorbs Sulfur oxides, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon mono oxides, and any other dangerous gas in the air. As we are wearing a shield against them.

6. Lungs protector
It acts as anti bacterial, and anti inflammation, since it has Alkaloid, Flavanoid, glycosides, and Steroid

7. It also believed can be used as treatment and cure for Asthma, Epilepsy, Arthritis, and Liver disease
It has the benefits when it is used as necklace, or soaked into water over a night and drink the water on empty stomach

8. Body fat remover
It causes to fall the body fats since it has an alkaloid in Rudraksha called pseudoepi-isoelaecarpilin, rudractine, elaeocarpin, and isoelaecarpilin.

Collect 25 grams of Genitri /Rudraksha dry beads, clean it, and boil it in a glass of water, until it only left a half glass of it. Cool it down, strain it, and drink it all at once.

9. As Accessories
Don’t get mistaken, the accessories made of Rudraksha have magical benefits for our body and mind’s health. As mentioned above. Just wear it as necklace or bracelet, and you’re all in to get all the Rudraksha magical benefits for health inside out. Indeed, it is very hard to break, and it will last for years of wearing.

10. As collection or investment
Monks who live in monasteries, tend to live longer, healthier, and have peaceful mind. Is it because of the using Rudraksha beads as their equipment for praying rites, or their lifestyle as vegetarian? Nobody knows the exact answer.

However, let us just believe that there are many benefits of rudraksha we can get, if we are getting along with Mother Nature and familiar with its existing environment. And Rudraksha is just one among them.


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