A visionless Statesman !

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Narendra Modi is a cruel reformist. He was merciless while renovating Kashi temple and more then that to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.Democracy is conventionally a process of consensus through debate and discussion, however this has been the weapon to delay reforms. A leader has some vision and consensus is the speed-breaker.Narendra Modi demolished these traditional speed-breakers to give pace to governance.His ideology is simple,when there is absolute mandate for BJP led Government and opposition is scanty why to waste time in discussing issues which has been on process of discussion for decades.

Two days back Surface transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced Toll Plaza free travel in two years.There is a system being developed through satellite mapping to auto debit of toll fee through GPS.There is not a single ministry in Modi Government which is far from innovation.Each ministry is burning mid night oil to adopt innovation and expedite development in there concerned ministry.Miniaters and bauaurocrats are in a race to bring new ideas and developmental plans to prove there credibility in the government.Reforms are always unpleasant in democracy but Modi very convincingly communicated people that his mission is to clear all reforms which has been pending due to lack of either mandate or mind set.The honesty of Manmohan Singh was not important during UPA rule but the integrity of the government and the extra- constitutional authority that has been empowered to Sonia Gandhi was the cause all blunders during those days.Governance was at the hands of a group of vested interest in the name of coalition compulsion.All the crucial departments were the center of excellence for loot public money.CWG to 2G scam,examples are countless.No one has a roadmap in mind to shape a innovative India.Every day PM Modi advocates new ideas,starting from Atma Nirbhar Bharat to develop Ayurved we see a blueprint in the mind of the Prime Minister.Modi insists tourism inside India instead wasting money in visiting Thailand,Bangkok or Swezerland .Thai is why a leader is called statesman inspite of many controversies revolving around him.

Naveen Pattnaik is also a chief Minister ruling Odisha for the last twenty years.He is a state head and welfare is his priority and his welfare activities are milestone in India.However I differ when freebies are called true welfare.Time and again Naveen Pattnaik has denied any bauaurocrat dominated administration in Odisha,however it is evident in the functioning. Since Governence is a question of team work no issue if bauaurocrat prioritised in the system but where is the expected development of the state.Melting iron ores is considered a big industrial achievement in the State.Few plants in Kalinga Nagar and Jharsuguda are considered as the Industrial revolution of Odisha.When we see the transformation of Gujrat economy through the ports of the State people of Odisha and its government should introspect how the state utilised Dhamra and Gopalpur port for the development and prosperity of Odisha. Economic development in 21st century comes from technology and infrastructure. Automobile brought development to Chennai and Haryana .IT brought development to Karnataka and Hydrabad.Tourism brought development to Kerala,Uttarkhand,Goa and Karnata. Enterprenourship brought development to Gujrat.In the entire process respective state governments have played crucial role to plan,develop and support the dreams to come true.

Odisha is not above and beyond free foodgrains schemes.The leader Naveen Pattnaik here limits his governance within a nerrow boundary of populism.The entire process of governance is exclusively focused on winning elections,grabbing power and managing & decimating opposition.

Just lately replicating the Kashi plan of Modi Naveen Pattnaik has planned the beautification of Puri Jagarnath and Lingaraj Temple.However there is a clear indication of lack of earnest and smell of vested interest in these projects.

Development of a state is not all about beautifying two temples.It is a long way to go.The highest earning almost four times higher then national average,farmer of India,that is the farmer of Punjab is agitating against the new Agricultural bill including its Chief Minister,but the farmer of the State who earns less then the national average is clueless as well as its Chief Minister.Naveen Pattnaik is neither supporting the bill nor opposing the bill and clarifying the interest of Odisha.

Many years back Naveen Pattnaik trumpeted Choudwar to be the new automobile hub of Odisha.The plan is steel in the cold storage.A bus terminal in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack took two decades to form a reality after several rounds of tender and change of contractors.Out of thirty districts of the State almost 70% districts have no land bank ready with the Government to offer for a industrial project or park.The fanfare of Food processing park,SEZ,industrial hub,tourism center is a mockery in Odisha.The primary reason is a visionless leadership.Odisha is a fertile land for Organic farming,eco tourism,medical tourism,textile,MSME,IT,Call Center and export based economy related to steel and metals.Unfortunately no such blueprint is ready with the leadership of the state to boost these sectors.Startups are negligible in the State,agriculture is under acute distress the pride of Odisha,Sambalpuri handloom is ignored as a result fake brands of neighbouring states have occupied the space of Sambalpuri handloom.Amidst these bizarre Odisha still blames Janaki Ballabha Pattnaik for the underdevelopment of Odisha and considers Naveen Pattnaik the most popular leader of the state so far and a great statesman !

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