Another case fit for CBI inquiry.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

The heinous crime against “Pari” was a hot issue for political millage for BJP.The party is striking day in and day out for a CBI investigation of the case as they do not trust Odisha Police.Odisha police is headed by IPS officers those who run CBI also.There has been a fashion developed by BJP to humiliate the non-BJP state governments by demanding CBI probe for each silly crime to make people penic and terrorise state governments.The CBI probe of Sushanta Singh Rajput case was the glairing example of the high handedness of the present BJP dispense at Delhi.Nothing was found substantial in SSR case by CBI different then the Mumbai police except high voltage drama.It is evident more clearly that the present Modi government is unnecessarily tresspassing the space where state has absolute liberty to operate.

The latest one is the double murder in Mahanga area of Odisha where a BJP leader has been murdered including one of his close aide.BJP is all set to explore this issue for political gain.Hopefully it will demand CBI inquiry as usual practice.CBI has 4047 staffs across India with many sensitive case of bigger national interest is at its disposal.Many more important cases including the chit fund scam and mining scam of Odisha is under the supervision of this agency.People at large smell a clear agenda behind handling and progress of these scams according to the political tune of Bengal and Odisha.Before demanding a CBI probe of every incident the ruling BJP party must clarify the potential of CBI according to staff strength to handle cases in line of priority and necessity.

Odisha Minister Pratap Jena hitting directly at BJP has stated that without political vested interest BJP should wish to nab the culprit and ensure fare investigation, trial and punishment

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