Another publicity blunder of Modi

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Just today a survey report is doing the round claiming Modi more popular leader then the top leaders of the world.This rating gimmicks was not prevalent in India before 2014,though there were Prime Ministers.Modi is obsessed with his weekly rating like the weekly TRP rating of TV serials.We know the transparency levels of TRP and the Scam there of.The biggest Modi votary Arnab Goswami and his Republic TV is a accused of manipulating TRP rating and facing criminal case currently.Rating is a good thing but transparency is always a matter of big dispute in India as well as entire world.Rating is a big business like fake institutions provide D.Lit and other awards,thus is a lucrative industry. The owner of KIITS,a private education businessman of Odisha Achyut Samant holds atleast 20 D.Lit degree from different unverified and non credible Universities of world.Even using his clout and lobby he has arranged many D.Lit degree to some of the so called famous persons of Odisha,prominent among them is Dr Braja Bhai,the then G.M. of the Samaj,a leading news paper of Odisha.Dr Braja Bhai subsequently accused of series of criminal cases,arrested and ousted from Samaj.No one now calls him Dr Braja Bhai.

In politics people are the best judge to rate a leader,no need to resort to foreign agencies to justify popularity.However now a days politics has been a game of brand management like FMCG companies manage the brand Colgate or Thums Up.No harm in it but it is stupidity to go for a massive campaign of a refrigerator brand in winter.This is the case of Narendra Modi of choosing wrong time and wrong place for publicity.

Let us discuss about the wrong place.When ever you go to a petrol pump,you find the 60ft long flex banner of Narendra Modi smiling on you with a tagline “Sabka Saath Sabka Bikash”.Don’t know about Vikash but people are desperate while paying Rs100 for petrol and diesel. Modi is that person who had promised India to reduce petrol price to Rs35.So petrol pump is a wrong place for the poster of Narendra Modi,atleast till Modi government could not justify the unjustified petrol tax of India.Welfare is not a convincing logic as the vision of welfare is infinite.Robinhood tax is a oppressive idea.

The second is wrong timing. The country is absolutely unhappy with Modi Government for the gross negligence and mismanagement of second wave covid and the erronous vaccine policy which trailed the country to meet the total vaccination target,it is only after the intervention of Supreme Court Modi government awake from slumber.Atlrast people believe in this way.People through out the country have lost many of their dear ones even many have lost the whole family or multiple family members due to shortage of oxygen, medicine and hospital beds and Ventilaters. So it is an unpleasant time to propagate or trumpate popularity.International media has already exposed the Covid reality of India with pictures of bodies floating in river Ganga in thousands and funeral fire in the crematorium across India is not receding.

The true model in disaster management is Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik.He works silently and before time.Critics hardly witness his eagerness for publicity,but credit and publicity comes to him by default and in a natural way.Spontanity of praise and paid praise are no secret to demarcate. Naveen Pattnaik has right media advisors to guide him to be away from public envy which is more dangerous then public praise. Covid treatment in Odisha is one of the finest arrangement in India,there is almost no shortage of bed,medicine,care,ICU and Ventilaters. Even if there was some shortage during the pick of Covid second wave,the prudent approach of the government to be away from much fanfare and to go for high aims reduced the public anger.

Modi government is not a dishonest government and there is no lack of earnest in Modi to do the best but his media managers are need to be replaced those who are danting his image instead of painting his image big for their petty vested interest.


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