Be aware all criminals:No crime is complete.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

The horrifying Pari rape and murder case of Nayagarh,Odisha.It has been a center of politics for the past few months.BJP left no stone untouched to magnify the issue,to gain political mileage. A vibrant opposition and a vigilant media is always solicited but not in the manner media and opposition behaved.Encroching the space of investigation and judiciary is a crime to democracy but the new normal of present day India.

SIT lead by an efficient IPS officer Arun Bothta finally revealed the horrific story and he described it the most heinous crime I have seen in 22 years of my career.

However apart from politics the new message to the criminals are loud and clear, No crime is complete,every covert crime has some clues, not even one but many.Technology is the new threat for the criminals.

The identification of clues begins with a Jumbulin tree which Pari used to visit for eating Jamboo.On the unfortunate day the accused was alone in the house,the second clue.

Rest clues were just to link the dots.However the questions raised by Argus News is relevant.

1.How the body decomposed without smell?

2.When the jut bag is intact how a human body transformed into 14 pieces of bone?

3.Without chemical how the body perished in just 10 days ?

And so many unsolved questions.The mystery is the timing of revelation. When BJP is on a high profile march to Nayagath SIT suddenly announced the arrest of the accused.

Though it seems the investigation is over but there are many mystery that has to be clarified by the investigation including but not limited to the political angel of this crime.

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