Bengal needs a change but not BJP as the substitute.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Tripura,Assam and whole north-east witnessed a change in the form of BJP.Things have not changed as it was expected.The only change is the communal ambiance. Assam is clearly divided in the line of religion.

Utter Pradesh Chief Minister was recently exposed while narrating a paid article in Times Magazine as his success story.Blood bath is expected in Bengal in the name of politics.BJP is all set to ignite the communal volcano to acquire power in Bengal like it is doing in other parts of India.

The real figure of good governance of BJP is mysterious as this party is biased and obsessed with propaganda. The present state of economy,the increasing unemployment,the format of authoritarianism, total intolerance to decent and many ideas contrary to democratic values of India has infected politicians.Tax has became an oppression.

In this juncture Bengal is crucial not only for Mamata or Bengal but also for the future course of politics in India.Mamata is heading a corrupt government,it needs to be changed but not in the form of BJP for many good reasons.Muslims will not be feel secure in India if elections would be fought only on communal grounds .There will be anger and revolution when Muslims will be abused in public to create Hindu Vote Bank.This idea of BJP needs a check some where so that the secular synthesis of India would flourish. If this is not seen in our public domain the poison of communalism will spread across India to win elections.The best part is to reject this idea including rejecting the corrupt government of Mamata Banerjee. This is the way to glorify the wisdom of voters,thus the idea of Democracy.

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