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Depression over Southeast Bay of Bengal

The Depression over southeast Bay of Bengal & neighbourhood moved north-northwestwards with a speed of about 20 kmph during past 6 hours and lay centred at...


Story of the King and a Dancing Monkey

The class between the actors and leaders within BJD exposed lately.If the report of a leading Odiya news daily is to be believed,the Young brigade of the party...


A Good News for BJP to Explore

As a matter of solace for BJP a good news has come from Uttar Pradesh urban body election.The BJP has won 14 mayoral seats in the Uttar Pradesh municipal...


Why Narendra Modi Reiterates Gujrat Model

Government and development is a complex and continuous process. Even a bad or corrupt  ruler can’t stop or stagnant the process of development.Only a bad...


Fear Psychosis behind the Grand Picnic

The Grand Childrens’  day organized by Odisha Government was an unconventional arrangement,unique from the event management point of view.The budget was...


Pabitra Promo

Yoga & its benefits