Change your Media Advisors Mr Modi !

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Let me start with the Epic Story of Saint Dadhichi.When Rishi Dadhichi was approached for his bone to make it the weapon Bazra,he had one unique precondition,Rishi Dadhichi had requested that no one should know that I have contributed my bone to make Bazra.It was accepted but History by default remembered him and he became immortal. The king who had constructed the Jagarnath Temple in Puri had prayed Lord Jagarnath to be remain of no offspring to claim the credit of the maker of that great monument.Self publicity is an unpleasant behaviour.

To my disappointment Prime Minister Modi is over obsessed with self Propaganda which is unfortunately diminishing his magnanimity.Undoubtly he has given India decisive leadership with epochmaking reforms awaited since long. However his love for optics making him a butt of ridicule and I presume history will forget his great leadership instead remember his jocular actions which has belittled the stature of the Prime Minister of India.

I don’t know who formulate the media strategy of PM Modi,if he does it him self then he should hire a technically afficient Media Adviser who must be competent enough to understand the classic theory “Over Publisity is bad publicity”.If there is already an advisor, according to whose advise PM Modi is triumphantly wearing a 12 Lakh priced suit,appearing in TV to advise students before exam,doing Man Ki Baat,smiling in a 60ft long poster in every petrol pump of the country, playing gimmicks by changing his get up like a Rishi, showcasing Tapasya in a cave of Himalaya,then PM Modi must oust his advisor immediately to save himself from historic ridicule in the history of Indian politics.

There are enough scope for Modi to be praised for his contribution to a decisive governance baring few blunders like Demonetization.So Modi need no spectacular publicity to improve his image,he is already a Statesman like PM more powerful then Indira Gandhi.People trust him but too much event management dent his stature .I believe a group of vested interest event management company and brand managers misguding PM Modi for their individual gain.Managing media by a Government is neither a Crime nor unconventional,every Government does it,but occupying the entire space of Media and too much intolerance to decent is a mistake in Good image management.Even the flatters of Modi committed the mistake of mishandling the International Media.They considered Austrellian and French media editors alike Arnab Goswami.These Arnab Goswami,Kangana Ranawat like elements have really made the Indian PM a cheap one.I wonder to see these two people under Y category security cover which is more worthy for our DRDO scientists.

I have seen Advani and Bajpayee doing public rally in streets with normal arrangement,even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul follow the same practice today.Modi on the contrary loves to address people with huge arrangement,top event managers manage his events taking crores for few hours.People are experiencing the difference, BJP under Modi investing to grab power.It is not a advantage in politics.Modi has to relinquish the idea of over publicity or he has to adopt the idea of polite publicity then hyper publicity.Inspite of so many precedence of Good Governance baring the idea of Demonetization, Modi deserve to be remembered as a illustrious Prime Minister,how ever his advisors must advise him to restrain from doing cheap chants like Didi-Oh-Didi ! These kind of vulgar abuse to a seating CM by a PM is unacceptable and a more relevant story for History then the credit of Abbrogation of Article 370.

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