China-India border dispute,at the end of the day.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

For decades first time in independent India China learnt a lesson from India.The lesson is bold,such a vast country can’t be threatened under a brave leadership inspite of a sizable gap in military strength.This is the uniqueness of leadership of PM Modi.How ever Ladakh crisis will bring many misfortune to both India and China in the coming days,more to China and relatively less to India.

India was a big consumer market of China,China lost this market once for all including the good will of India.Narendra Modi did not restrict his actions to resist China across LOC but his Government is formulating a urgent and long term plan to restrict China from all shot of economic activities in India.It is the stupidity of China which provided a scope to India to take unpleasant action against Indo-China trade activities.The Atmanirbhar Bharat plan of Narendra Modi Government is exclusively a roadmap to deter Chinise inroad to Indian consumer market.It is presumed that Indian Pharmaceutical industry, computer hardware supply chain,mobile phone industry very soon will be self reliant in collaboration with Japan,Taiwan and Korea .This will be a big blow to China more shocking than a war defeat. The aggression of China made QUAD a bigger reality.The economic blow US,Canada,Europe and Austrellia are going to pose China is unprecedented.Though the economic data of China is showing positive growth inspite of strong economic resistance from India and like minded countries who are in a mood to restrict the international influence of China,it is highly probable that China will feel the temperatur of economic slowdown from 21-22.

On the contrary India will have to resist more articulated conspiracy from China and Pakistan to weaken the domestic peace of India.As trust deficit will increase India will have to invest more on military spending to meet a probable two-front war.The Cold-war era of nineteenth century would again dominate to threat global peace with violent arm race between India and China with NATO like collaborations centered around Asia.

However nothing will prove win-win for China due to absence of democracy,long term mis-conduct which has dented the international image of China,bad image of stealing IP rights throughout the globe,massive violation of human rights within the country and the habit of bullying all the neighbors will combaindly contribute the perish of China in this decade under the leadership of QUAD.

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