Cry for ECMO,united Civil Society and incredible India !

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Five days back one youth of Odisha air lifted to Chennai for ECMO treatment.He was escorted to Bhubaneswar air port through a green corridor by the police.He is a poor middleclass youth,the estimated cost of his treatment is near about 1.5 crorers.No one knows who is paying but thousands of people are paying randomly for this boy without any photo session unlike people donate to CM relief fund or politicians do photo session with Oxygen tankers.Few days back I suggested one politician to help enhancing the blood test capacity of Deoharh district hospital,so that people suffering Covid could get their Covid Marker tested at the earliest,he replayed me that,what ever I do ,will not be credited to me rather the BJD party will claim all credits.

Now the civic society is fighting Covid with true later and spirit.Today another youth of Odisha air lifted to Kolkatta for ECMO treatment,same police,same benevolent donors are on action mode to save this soul.Within 24 hours people across the country have donated 24 lakhs for the noble cause.

However there is a tussle in the political dispensation to claim the credit of free vexine. Virtually it is not free,some one has pay for it,and all know the tax payers of the Country have paid for it,but the shameless squabble is,whose photo is justified in the vexine certificate ?

The recent blame game is whether States failed to provide vexine or Center delayed the process of Vexine procurement? In this context it is necessery to urge for a Supreme.Court monitored investigation about the role of Vexine Companies who refused to provide Vexines to States but agreed to supply the same to center.Under whose instruction they played the game of hide and.sick endangering the life of billion Indians.

Corona is politics ,globally and domestically.Experts have already said that the vexine companies are earning super profit.The price of live shaving drugs has not reduced rather it has increased considering it an opportunity.Rent of air ambulance has not reduced it has increased.Rates of Hospital beds or ICU beds has not reduced,it has increased.This is the sad part of increase but the solace part of increase is the increase of humanity.The instinct to remain united to defeat corona,when politicians,pharma lobby,vexine lobby and hospital lobby are increasingly inhuman to pledge solidarity to human cause.

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