Fake Propaganda continues by Naveen Government.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Two news hit the news circuit today are ridicule Odisha.One is the export performance of Odisha is best in the Country and another is Government achieved to rescue 800 missing girl kids and 94 boy kids within the much hyped search-operation week of missing kids.

It seems a blatant lie for so many obvious reasons.Missing kids donot wait for a week long festivity to be recovered.It is a continuous process to rescue missing kids from the perpetrators who are at large to abduct mainly girls for unfair activities.It is a racket which has been instrumental in abducting nearabout 27000 kids in last few years.If really Government has reacured 894 kids then some arrest must have been done during the process of rescue,mysteriously no such arrest or detention of perpetrators involved in this racket has been mentioned.

Another false claim is the export success of the Government.We know what Odisha produces! I guess it is iron ore.


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