Farmer suicide and the fanfare of “Making of Developed India” (MODI)

Credit-IB Times
Credit-IB Times

One district, eight days and four farmer suicide. It is the story of MODI(making of Developed India).MODI  was a countrywide campaign organized by Modi Government by spending a lot of money from PSU CSR funds, also few private companies had joined this massive campaign to publicize MODI. There is a saying “if wishes are horses, beggars could ride” In India now Wishes are officially Horses. Coincidentally this development of farmer suicide occurred in a time when Modi Government is rejoicing for the World Bank report, elevating India by 30 steps positioning it  in the 100 rank against 130 in the previous year.

The tagline of World Bank is “End Poverty”. To the extreme paradox this year India’s achievement in the world Hunger Index is also very dismal, India fall 45 places between 2014 to 2017.In Asia we have the worst performance baring Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Coming back to the agricultural distress. Three years after being in the Govt, the “Achha Din” pioneer has nothing done unusual to address the agricultural sector. The country spoiled one years within the havoc of Demonetization and GST.

Near about 12000 farmers in India commit suicide every year for loss of crop. The instance of four farmers suicide we are quoting here is in the Bargarh district of  Odisha.

Credit-The TelegraphWithin last couple of years all the major political parties have made Bargarh a war ground by holding farmer rally to shed crocodile tear for the plight of Bargarh Farmers. First Rahul Gandhi made a Pada Yatra on 10th September 2015 near Bargarh, to convey his solidarity to the distress farmers of Bargarh, immediately on a makeover mission Naveen Pattnaik made a Krushaka Samabesh (Farmers Gathering) on 19th November 2015 and declared a package of Rs.35000 crore towards the development of Western Odisha and finally to complete the relay race of political hypocrisy  Narendra Modi addressed a farmer rally at Bargarh on 21 February 2016.

We have started investigating, when this Rs.35000 crore special package declared by Naveen Pattnaik, was given to Credit-Odisha Sun TimesWestern Odisha,where it has been spend and how this money contributed to the upliftment of Western Odisha farmers. A special investigative report will publish soon in our channel with visual coverage.

Narendra Modi in his speech had assured that very soon a second Krishi Kranti (Agricultural Revolution) will start from Odisha.No “Kranti” as yet, even a slight change did not occur to the fate of the farmers  as the aftermath of  these high profile visits.


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