Federal Democratic Alliance:The only hope to counter BJP.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

The hopeless performance of Congress will get more dismal result in the comming days.The dilemma of either Gandhi Mukt Congress or Congress Mukt Bharat will continue and spoil 2024 again.Logically it is good for India to discard a Congress without a decisive leader in the party baring the Gandhi trio.However vesting continuous power to one party for one single reason of not getting suitable alternative is against the spirit of democracy. The Modi lead BJP is venturing into dictectorial governance.Though this idea of governance is deserving for India for many valid reasons, its perils are equally devastating as it is evident in West Bengal,Maharastra , Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Karnatak and expected in few States like Odisha,Kerala where non-BJP governments are in power.

Central agencies have not been misutilised earlier in such a massive scale to humiliate opponents,the way Modi Government is doing it now.Earlier only CBI was a centrally sponsored tool to humiliate the state governments,now it is a combination of four,that is CBI,ED,IT &NCB.Even for each silly incidents BJP is demanding CBI probe to humiliate the non-BJP ruled State Governments.In the recent Pari murder case in Odisha BJP is experimenting the same tactic to find it relevant in the State politics.

A transparent political envirnment in the country free from corruption is always welcome but not with a idea of partisan. The growing hatred,political volatility,mind set of vengeance and violance that has been grown throughout India is not at the best interest of democracy.There is a growing political intolerance in the country where no one is accomodative for a decent opposition. This has been more acute since BJP crowned in Delhi.There has been a constant clandestine attempt to make India a single party Democracy like China.For many good reasons I appreciate this idea looking at the economic growth rate of China,however this idea may jeopardize the value of human rights,what is happening in China,Russia and sporadically in India.So the idea of Modi government to transform the basic structure of Indian democracy needs to be debated in public platform and decided through plebiscite.

The role of central agencies and Governers where BJP is not in power is destructive and alarming. In many important investigations which has been transfored to CBI like the mining scam of Odisha and Chit Fund Scam of Bengal and Odisha,the agency is using this file as a tool of blackmail to use it for the political purpose of the BJP government at Delhi.

The only appropriate counter to rejuvenate the multi party democracy of India where states would get proper justice is to form a Federal Democratic Alliance without associating any National Party,neither Congress or BJP.This is the modified idea of Bajpayee behind the formation of NDA.Unless a GFA is formed the federal structure of Indian democracy will be collapsed after the collapse of Mamata Banarjee in Bengal.Next in the line is KCR,Naveen and Jagan.

I donot appreciate these leaders as role model of democracy or endorse them as great leaders in including Mamata and Naveen but they are the symbol of democracy,with there collapse India would rather usher into a bizarre state of autocracy where all the institutions would be trespassed, occupied and controlled by a dictator ruling at Delhi.

It is batter to formalize this idea before Bengal Elections to check the inroads of BJP to the regional space.The idea of new BJP is one leader and rest are all minions around him is a dangerous idea to make India leader-less.A democratic alliance is necessary to keep the spirit of democracy intact and federal governance more vibrant. However this platform is not to encourage dynasts like Yadava, Thackery or Readdy.Let new and visionary leaders to groom in regional politics and Nation to run with unbiased consensus.

Federal Alliance is necessary to make Indian politics free from violance.The growing ambition of BJP and the intolerance followed by the ambition increasing the social toxicity and making India violent.We have never seen so many communal discussions in media and politics before 2014.It is divisive and anti-progress so uncalled for. The good things of Modi is his battery of reforms kept pending for many decades. BJP is a appropriate party to rule India and shape the dreams of New India but the idea of Democracy is not absolute liberty,it is always discussion and consensus. Congress should have fit into that space to bend down the Government for minimum consensus,but the party has lost faith of the people,so FDA is the only hope to rejuvenate the idea of democracy and check and balance the mindset of dictectorialism.

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