First China and now India is the perpetrator of the pandemic!

Satyabrata Dwibedy

It took few days for India to lost it’s hard earn Glory of a sensible and matured democracy.Now the world is convinced that India is currently ruled by a amateur regime.

Normally dictators are never relied in international community but for the first time a democratic ruller is being distrusted by the world community for his arrogance and high-handedness which has endangered not only India but also the entire world.Director of Center for disease Control of USA Dr Fouchi today express his concerned about the developments of India and the mismanagement of the pandemic. He expressed his strong concern and blamed the political establishment of India grossly responsible for the disaster.

The bigger cause of concern is the mutation of the virus which is emerging more infectious and virulent with by spreading a bigger community.The Indian variants which are mutating itself to new versions in India is posing a threat to the entire world.If this could not have happened world could have conquered Corona by now.


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