Global index of India and the Ram Rajya of BJP in Bengal

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Home Minister of India Amit Shah is in a two days visit to Bengal to kick start the election frenzy in Bengal.When India is desperate to see a good economy,enough employment,free press,liberal human rights and secured individual freedom we see the vengeance of Jay Shree Ram in the streets of Bengal.Jay Shree Ram has given result to BJP in 2019 General elections in Bengal and the media cell head of BJP is confident of the repeat of same in 2021 Assembly elections.

Narendra Modi Government is in its 6th year in power,religion and culture are always secondary issues for electoral consideration in democratic mandate.However ir has been a major election plank since Modi ascended power.Even in a Muncipal body election in Hydrabad BJD played the communal card to win election and it succeeded. The real question is whether BJP has no success stories beyond communalism? It is absolutely an erronous perception.In the count of reforms,welfare,governance and curbing corruption Modi governmenr is the finest in the democratic history of India,still they fear to market the true success stories which they deserve credit.It is probably for the lessons they have learned from History.Narasimha Rao Government was a outstanding Government which initiated modernizing Indian economy but people betrayed Rao by preferring a unstable government in 1996.It is people who suffered for their unwise mandate. Again people betrayed Bajpayee in 2004 by preferring another unstable Government and India ushered into an era of Scam and bizarre governance with Sonia Gandhi as the shadow Prime Minister of the Coumtry.

The political behaviour of BJP may change when people would start voting wisely.

Shiv Sena,RJD,JMM,DMK,SP these political outfits are the perils of Indian democracy. The ideas of dynasty driven politics which has fundamentally infected these parties must be rejected permanently in India.BJP is trying to correct these errors of democracy by emotionally diverting people. This is not a permanent route. The consideration of electoral preferences must change in India,prioritising development,democracy,change,transparency and finally good governance.Even BJP under Modi is not absolutely fine.The money party is investing in elections, the rampant misuse of central agencies,the complete capture of media and the tendency of autocracy is again subject to scrutiny to choose the best option for India.I personally believe even a autocrat is better then a Democrat like V.P.Singh,Debegouda,Lalu Yadav,Sibu Soren or Mulayam Yadav.Till India introspect the historic blunders by voting corrupts,illiterate and unwise Indian democracy is at the safe hand of dictators like Narendra Modi.

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