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Have we pledged our wisdom to a bunch of stupids ?

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Legendary football player Ronaldo just removed the Coco Cola bottles from his press conference dais and within minutes the world followed a havoc in the form of sliding the share price of Coca Cola to 1.6% within few minutes.

Really ! We believe the human wisdom is elevating day by day with massive scientific temper.But incidents like this corroborating erosion of human wisdom.Howcome a so called celebrity would decide what should we eat and wear? Healthy lifestyle are part of our heritage,there are many proven practices in human civilization which are irrevocably,specially the habits of healthy food.

Pepsi tranquilizes India with the tagline “yee dil mange more” and mesmerised the entire population to such a level that India resist a slight increase in the cost of Milk but never to the increase of rate of cold drinks which occurs every summer,thanks to Sachin Tendulkar,Shahrukh Khan and the entire Battery of so called Bollywood hypocrites.

We wonder how come the Bollywood stars could able to purchase sea facing mentions costing hundreds of crorers in pose Mumbai,they get money in this route by for the act of treachery to the faith of their devotees.

These people do brand awareness of many pharma company thus specific medicines those are already banned in US and Europe not only used by Indians but also get OTC tag thus no need of a prescription. So Bollywood celebrities turned into Docrors.Many are the brand ambassodor of various pharma companies and as a result of which the cost of drugs around 100 rupees is just Rs 10 if some one prefer its generic version. The new big scam emerging in India is the online medicines and the so called discounted price being offered.The medicines available in local pharmacy is atleast 30% costlier then the online shop.What is the nexus brewing at the top is unaware to the nation.

The whole confusion is what is the right choice in food,medicine,clothes and FMCG.The new era preference is the startups. A trend is being developed to break the chain of nexus commerce. Startups are emerging in dairy,agriculture,clothing,FMCG,organic farming and medicines.You can get A2 cow milk in your vicinity,so no need to trust the spurious Mother Dairy milk mixed with milk powder,you can get whole wheat in your neighborhood, so no need to trust ITC Select Atta mixed with preservatives,you can get certified organic vegetables grown by new age educated youths and finally the era of Lee,Wrangler is over,you can get pure cotton dresses made in Indian villages. This is new India,just develop the trust eco-system and free yourself from the celebrity driven market economy and see how McDonalds, Pepsi,Coca Cola and Pizza hut will struggle to meet your real needs then mesmerizing you in false needs suitable to their super profit business ideas.Donot depend Anil Kapoor to buy Mankind Products,insist your doctor to prescribe the generic version of medicine.Don’t lend your wisdom to a bunch of opportunists. Every one is not magnanimous like Ronaldo,who can understand the perils of CELEBRITISM.

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