Historically India has been a futile ground for cloud invedors!

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Cloud invedors are those who drop from the blue.The forts of India are large and robust. They are also spread across India in large numbers.No where in the world we can find such number of forts like India.The reason is very unique,Indians have never invaded any civilizations but has been subjected of invasion through out history for centuries.

Invasion is a relivent issue still today with special context to India.From Google,Amazon to Coca-Cola Indians still have clueless to counter foreign invedors.The issue of Tweter is more dismal,a small communication tool clandestinely so inroaded deep into Indian society that the entire system,Government and it’s legal setup failed to nab the cloud invader .

Let us start the story of invasion of India from the historic time.Our emperors had spend generations to build empires and forts to build kingdoms.They devoted enough time and energy to develop economy and prosperity but suddenly a group of plunderors just some thousand in numbers invade India and plunder massive wealth from India even many of them settled here occupied the forts and empire ,build by our people spending enormous time and resources.These are the stories of Mohammad Ghouri,Sultan Mahmud, Moghals and many of them.Then comes British.They had came to India in just hundreds in number.In the form of business delegation then entered India and plundered trillions of dollar resources for more then one and half century.They remain the boss of the massive forts,empires and the wealth of the most richest country of that time.

Just after few decades of our hard earned independence againg India trapped in another cloud based invasion called the IT or AI invasion.See the consequence. A fourty year old reliable grocery shop is now on the verge of bankruptcy as Walmart is his new contender.The long time Dress stores of the city are no more attractive destinations as Amazon is at the door step.

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