How many rackets Narendra Modi would be able to resolve during his tenure

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Agriculture subsidy in India is a chain of rackets with fix beneficiary connected to power. Not only agriculture many government schemes connected to welfare are rotten with scams. Agriculture subsidy consume a major part of our national income to compensate farmers, but big shots in connivance with government agencies like FCI stole away the lions share. These beneficiaries are not really farmers; they are politicians, power brokers and highly connected middlemen. The Badal family of Punjab always prefer the Food Processing portfolio when ever they are part of the union cabinet. Most of the south politicians lobby for the,telecom, IT and Chemical & Fertilizer portfolio because South India controls the Pharma Sector of India. IT and Telecom are also lucrative departments for South Indian politicians as most of the IT hub are in South India.

The welfare idea of India is based on subsidy on various sector. However ground assessment on impact of subsidy has not been conducted sofar.There are people in India who thrives on subsidy only,neither they are entrepreneurs nor farmers. The banking scam which has been unearthed during Modi tenure is monumental. Exemption on NPA is bigger in India then subsidy. Narendra Modi government is trying to stop these nuisance which has devastated  India economy in the post economic liberalization period. Many people are amazed to see big and expensive projects   during Modi rule, when GDP is deeping and GST collection is on a down trend Government is comfortably managing developmental ideas and welfare schemes more batter then the UPA regime. This indicates how Modi government has stopped  financial leakage within the system. Institutionalization of economy in the line of development countries are required to streamline Indian economy,but economist prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh also ignored this big reform within the system.

Very often we discuss two words to create sensation and get public attention; one is Adani and another is Ambani. These two corporate houses are now into retail as well as many diversified industries. Modi wants to corporatize agriculture as well as integrate MSME with big  corporate. He is dreaming Indian economy to be start-up based. In fact he is following China,Koria and Taiwan model cluster movement to boost economy. These are the ideas where the ruler needs freehand to act like autocrats rule. Behind the unconventional growth of China the governance pattern is also one of the reasons to contribute. India is a country which is conventionally a corrupt country where not only the politicians or public servants but also the general public are equally part beneficiary. India needs a sea change in its pattern of governance and how it manages its resources. Modi is not focused on governance he is more interested in transforming India.

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