“Kashmir File”- “Odisha File” and a bizarre Democracy.

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

It took thirty years for Indians to cry for Kashmir Pandits.I remember just 31 years back when I was preparing my Drama “Kandhei Raja” for a prestigious theater festival one of my artist claimed to play “Baisnab Jana Tu” song so that he could cry and built emotion in his scene. As Indians are theatrics lover probably they wanted a sorrow music be played to cry for the Kashmir Pandits. As no Music was played in this thirty years they could not cry for Kashmir.How ever finally Music played,Bande Mataram recited in the theater hall and people got the proper ambiance to cry.Now the whole Country is crying-including the Prime Minister of the country!!!

Opposition is focusing on one question-during this massacre BJP was part of the Union Government !! What actions they had taken ? A dubious Kashmiri gentleman Mufti Mahammad Sayid was the Home Minister of the country, at-least BJP could have demanded his removal.No…No…. BJP was busy with another nationalistic job-Ram Mandir movement.Present Prime Minister Modi to his mentor Advani were busy decorating the Rath(Chariot) with proper Air Condition for their most devastating Rath Yatra from Somnath.So they were busy for there dream Hindu Rastra.The present generation have no time to review history-as there is a massive campaign to cry for kashmir,every one is busy crying with a pop-corn packet in the theater.The black-market age of film ticket is no more,or-else people must have spend extra money to purchase tickets from blackers to cry for Kashmir. Offcourse the blackers ticket was more cheaper then the current price of multiplex tickets. Finally multiplex turned into a assemble ground of patriotics and nationalists, onwards anti-nationals will not visit multiplex,or in other words those who will not visit multiplexes will be considered as anti-nationals !!!

Back to Odisha from Kashmir.It is a peaceful state ! There is a popular and welfare friendly government.People are living a happy life and praying Lord Jagarnath to reduce election tenure from five years to six months.This could be the best welfare governance for the people of Odisha.A slum dweller narrated me that he could manage to earn sixty thousand rupees for his six votes during the last urban election held three days back.He was wondering that this time the poor congress party also spend some money to purchase votes.However failed because the richest party spend five thousand rupees per vote.

In a remote urban area the local residents reached-out the local MLA in the late of the night before the election day and reminded him that no money has been distributed so far in their locality though the other contenders have already distributed two thousand rupees per vote.The poor MLA immediately arranged money for each vote but was less then the rich party-so even after taking money, people preferred to vote for the highest bidder !! The myth of twenty years has already melted in Odisha.Now people are reviewing- really who is popular in Odisha-either “N” or “M” !! The new consideration for party ticket is “How much money a candidate can spare”.So the new generation of leaders who are leading politics are from the humble background of “Sand Smuggling”-“mining smuggling” and any fraud activity by which ample money would have been with him.

Country is crying for Kashmir ! People are chanting “Bande Mataram” in multiplex !! Price of votes are increasing in every election !!! According to many opinion poll Naveen Pattnaik is the most popular CM of India !!!! Twenty six government officers lost their job for corruption allegation in Odisha last month alone !!!! No IAS officer so far has been suspended for the alleged Surgical Mask Scam or no mining mafia has been arrested so far for the Rs60000/- crore illegal mining scam !!!!!Odisha is a welfare State-rice is free-Ahar mill is free-but mining contract-medical supply-road construction job- BMC cleaning job and all the money earning schemes are earmarked for Tamilnadu vendors.

India is crying for Kashmir and chanting “Vande Mataram” .By the time of next election the rates of votes is expected to touch Rs10000/-.Not a big deal-India is a rich country with its poor people.

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