Let us introspect the term “Leadership”

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

The cry in the wilderness era is over for Odisha.The way central leadership focusing the need of Odisha is unprecedented.Union cabinet minister Dharmendra Pradhan meticulously monitoring the worthy claims of Odisha and bargaining its right stake.The clout and power Dharmendra Pradhan is enjoying in Union cabinet is first of its kind in Indian History for a Odia minister.Even Biju Patnaik or Mahatab had no such massive influence in Union cabinet what Dharmendra Pradhan has.The recent assignment as UP election incharge speak volumes of the worth of Pradhan before Modi and BJP top leadership.But the true irony is how Odisha and its people reciprocate the indebtedness.It is discussed commonly that Dharmendra Pradhan could not able to win an election in Odisha,if really true,is it a shame or wisdom of odia people ??

Odisha must ponder the issue of true leadership.Let us evalute one example,the Talcher-Bimlagarh rail line.This rail line would change the economic fate of three parliamentary segment and six assembly segments. Undisputedly without the special interest of Dharmendra Pradhan this rail rail project could have been continued as an imaginary line with symbolic allotments like UPA government was doing.When UPA government was allotting one crore per annum to remain alive in the dream of the people to see a railway line may be in the next generation or later on,Dharmendra Pradhan ensured a substantial allotment to make it a reality within a decade.This line is gettting more then 200 crorers every year after 2014.This is the concept of leadership.

Still there is a perception in Odisha,that Pradhan could not win even a assembly election in Odisha,then who is worthy to lead Odisha,if not Pradhan??Shall we instigate foolishness to accelerate our backwardness ?? Is not it the moral duty of Palalahada,Talcher,Parjang,Banei and deogarh people with unanimous voice to invite Dharmendra Pradhan to represent them ?? Not only the above regions,people of Odisha should unanimously invite Dharmendra Pradhan in the comming Rajya Sabha election to represent Odisha instead Bihar or Madhya Pradesh.

Hypocrisy has no place in leadership .In this new era of vision-breaking leadership country needs visionary,hardworking,honest and clean people as leader.Odisha has spoiled 22 years in a leader who simply believes winning elections are the exclusive and perpetual role and responsibility of a leader.We have not not seen a vision for the youth,farmers,entrepreneurs, resources and assets of the state.

We have seen SHG movement to cook mid day meal,making Chhatua and producing hand crafts there by remain poor for perpetuity,how ever we have not seen a SHG idea to handle the transport assignment raising of minerals from badbil,Kalinganagar to paradweep. This money fetching job is earmarked for Pravakaran. “Mission Shakti” is an institution to produce poor in Odisha.The real slogan of odisha Government for the last 22 years is “Amiri hatao” (Eliminate the rich). Thousands of dumper,Haiwa,proclain machine are laying idle in the districts of Sundargarh,Keonjahr and jajpur,even the owners are unable to pay EMI of these equipment,opposite to it the Tamilnadu mining businessman Prabhakaran and its company Triveni Earthmovers replicating its networth every year by exploring the mining resources of Odisha and maintaining a fleet of private jets.

People say Dharmendra pradhan is an arrogant leader,I presume this arrogant leader is inevitable for Odisha to regulate and stop the chaos and anarchy which is decaying the self respect of Odisha and Odia people. The arrogant and corrupt bureaucracy,supine and cornered politicians and finally the insensitive leadership of 22 years have ruined the fortune of Odisha.Todays’ Odisha does not look beyond the boundary of freebies and opportunist electoral prospective.When we see Tourism in Keral,Automobile in Chennei, entrepreneurship in Gujrat,agriculture in Punjab,IT in Hydrabad and opposite to it, a vision-less governance in Odisha,we must introspect the mistakes of our people which ruined the state socially,politically and economically. How far Odisha will suppress the mystery-who rules the state !!!Who takes the onus !!!What is the real terminology of 5T !! Is Odisha under centralized governance or really decentralized !!! How many departments or ministries function in Odisha,or every thing is assembled under one umbrella,the all mysterious 5T !!!!

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