Mission 119 and 2024 Parliament elections

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Modi led BJP is election ready 24×7.They do every thing on electoral prospect.2019 election was a clear Modi wave baring few south states.The new mission of BJP for 2024 is 119 seats which is crucial for 2024.These 119 seats are from four States where BJP finds some clue to win.These are Bengal,Assam,undivided Andhra Pradesh and finally Odisha. Odisha is different then the other three states.Different means there is no scope for communal politics in Odisha like the rest three states.

Assam and Bengal has been made the hotbed of communal politics after 2014 and Andhra lately.The recent Municipal Election of Andhra Pradesh paved the sudden inroad of BJP to Andhra through communal issues.The best practice of communal politics of BJP is Bengal.Though Mamata Banarjee is trying her level best to resist the communal twist of election,the massive social media presence of BJP in Bengal and twisting communalism towards elections can’t be checked so easily. Amit Malavya is all set to play many (ugly)game to create and penetrate narratives of Bangal.Jay Shree Ram has already played great dividend to BJP in 2019 General Elections.However State election is somehow different. BJP has already failed to win elections through communal narratives in Delhi,the same strategist Prasant Kishor is inchage of Bengal.Bengal people are some how different then rest of India.The Bengal Pride may escape Mamata in assembly but suspicious of winning 2024 Parliament elections.This is the best scenario for BJP,but they are desperate to acquire the Assembly and Parliament.Assam has been been undoubtedly the bastion of BJP with gradual decay of Congress and collapse of AGP. Andhra again the emerging hotbed of Communal politics. There are enormous possibilities to explore the Hindu-Muslim issue in Andhra.Even if people are all-right with the regional parties in Assembly there is enough possiblities for BJP for Parliament elections.

Finally the difficult State is Odisha.It is a State where though Congress is decaying but still a formidable force.The growth of BJP in this state is at the cost of Congress.2019 was a golden opportunity for BJP to occupy Odisha,which will be not as easy in 2024.The reason is simple,poor performance of the existing members of Assembly and Parliament.BJP made the blunder in 2019 by not declaring the name of Dharmendra Pradhan as its CM face.Pradhan is already a successful minister of union cabinet and driving many crucial projects to Odisha.He is young and emerging as a national leader. BJP could have trusted him in 2019. The second blunder of BJP in 2019 was its poor communication strategy in 2019. Quantitatively the communication frequency was massive but without substantial content within the communication materials.The people who designed the publicity materials of BJP in Odisha were immatured and they simply replicated the Parliament Communication material ignoring the fact that Odisha was in need of a two fold strategy to counter Naveen Patnaik for the Assembly poll.It could have been batter to segregate the Parliament strategy and Assembly strategy.May be BJP was apprehensive of its government formation in Delhi and compelled them to be cool on Naveen. This is what power play is.

however 2024 is different for Odisha.BJD is on its bottom of decay.Naveen is popular but not BJD is.This is a opportunity for both Congress and BJP. More for BJP as it has been occupied the pockets of Congress in 2019 elections. Parliamentarian Aparajita Sarangi has been assigned the media in-charge of Odisha.She has great potential to achieve something unique,but BJP urgently needs its brand ambassador for Odisha.BJP has enough time to make R&D develop contents popularize a mutually accepted image to counter Naveen Pattnaik. Unless leadership in the state level is groomed in Odisha,the parliament prospect of BJP is feeble for 2024.

The mainstream media is steel not so loyal or reliable for BJP. Party has developed its own social media Platform to catch the general public but developing a biased media can’t attract neutral audience.Getting attention of loyal or party affiliated audience is not a achievement to motivate silent voters.

Successful media management is not based on quantity of publicity material and frequency, it is all about the quality of contents its taste and aesthetics. BJP failed to circulate quality publicity contents in 2019 to convince the silent voters which Arbind Kejriwal did in 2020 Delhi elections. I saw battery of video van with state-of- the- Art sophisticated communication assets were doing round across Odisha but disappointingly with substandard contents.The agencies those who were hired in 2019 are basically event managers to aggregate logistics for campaign but are not creative agencies to develop communication material to aggravate an anti-Naveen narrative in Odisha.

Aparajita Sarangi may understand this gap and give more thrust on quality contents to narrate the distress of Odisha during BJD rule keeping aesthetics and civilized manner in mind. Odisha is not UP either Bengal.BJP has to understand that the media houses who were being hired to defame BJD and Arun Sahu in the Pari murder case, ultimately helped Arun Sahu and BJD to be on the winning side because of the rustic noise of finger count biased and loyal media which people rejected. Politicians need to understand loyal and agenda specific media are not assets they are liabilities.Rather neutral media is more helpful in spreading decent narratives.The viewership of Republic TV has drastically dropped after his proximity to BJP has exposed.

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