NDTV is not your domain dear Adani

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Just eight years back ,in a same kind of mid-night operation Ambani transgraced into Indian media space and occupied the biggest media house of India-TV-18 or Network-18 group,under which the entire chain of ETv was also included,like the recent mid-night operation of Adani to take over NDTV.Both are hostile takeover to control the electronic news media of India.

Journalism,art or literature is not the domain of neither Adani nor Ambani-this is our cup of tea.Media is a passion,some how a profession but absolutely not a business.Adani or Ambani are wealthy businessmen they have certain quid pro quo with the system.

We very often have gone through statutory prohibitions regarding participating in government contracts where close relatives are in the decission making body.Judges kids are not allowed to practice in there parents court.This is propriety.

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