Prasant Kishore -A stupid enigma!!

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

There is a bizarre havoc around the political sky after Prasant Kishor turned down the offer of Congress.The case may be the opposite,hopefully Congress may have rejected Kishore for his habitual high-handedness.What I understand from the indications of Prasant Kishore from his TV interviews,probably his offer to Congress party was to solemnized a irrevocable Power of attorney in his favor to enjoy absolute power and the congress leadership to go for a long vacations.

For the last few days the failure of Congress-Kishore meeting has been the dominant news of Indian media including many unverified gossips where as Indian media has maintained mysterious silence on the failures of Indo-China border meetings.It has been a precedence of Indian media for the last 7 years to ignore real issues and magnify non-issue to distract national attention from the real problems.

It is the outstanding PR expenditure of Prasanta Kiahore which giving prime time space to him for stupid gossips in every news channel with predetermined questions from the anchor and monotonous answers from Prasanta Kiahore.It is true that with changing atmosphere political parties need professionals to manage elections but Kishore does not hold exclusive knowledge in this front.There are so many professionals available to do the same job as like Prasant.The problem is the corrupt and inept Indian politicians are in search of a magic stick to win election without performance.Here is the need of a Prasanta Kishore who can advise the art of hoodwink the voters.When Modi won 2014 election where Prasant was his poll strategist he was having an impression that Modi would allow him to dominate him the PMO business.Modi politely rejected Kishore for any job in the Government. Since then Prasant is in search of a old brand to take over and rule.He was having the impression that Congress would be the right asset to takeover.However every one is well aware of the vested political interest of Prasant Kishore beyond the job of election management.

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