Raj Thackeray slams unethical manner in the highest level of Politics.

Raj Thakrey
Raj Thakrey

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The victory of Narendra Modi in 2014 was 50% contributed by non other then Rahul Gandhi.Publicly ridicule Modi by Rahul Gandhi ended with the victory of Modi.The same theory going to be replicated in Gujrat.Modi did not learn a lesson from his own experience. During these years Modi started ridicule Rahul Gandhi more aggressively in TV studios and in the social media by using professional trolls, jocularly describing him as Pappu,The shadow of this Pappu is now hunting Narendra Modi in his home state, and Narendra Modi is going through a phase of nightmare in his home turf .This was the kind of remark given by Maharastra Naba Nirmana Sena Chief Raj Thackeray recently.

As per Raj Thackeray BJP is in a losing condition and if it wins, the credibility of EVM will be in the duck. The ground reports from Gujrat are not encouraging for BJP.People have no enthusiasms to attend the public meetings of Modi on the contrary Rahul Gandhi is pulling crowds.

Many bitter truth are reveling day by day regarding the much hyped Gujrat Model of Modi, which suggests nothing unusual has been achieved in Gujrat.

Raj Thackeray also strongly commented against the biased work style of Election Commission. He said, “the poll monitoring body had inordinately delayed announcing the dates for the Gujrat Election under pressure.”

This was the same allegation of Congress, describing the delay as a planned event to help BJP in offering more schemes and announcing freebies in the State.

Again Mr. Thackeray added  that opposition will be stronger after Gujrat Election. Responding to a question of Aaj Tak Manthan event he said, “I wonder why so many ministers, including the Prime Minister, are holding so many rallies in just one State. Though, it is the home state of the Prime Minister,it does not look nice that the country’s head is campaigning  for one State. If the BJP lead Govt. in Gujrat had done a good job, there was no need for so many ministers to campaign for the party, “he said.

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