Sitali Pranayam

Sitali Pranayama – Cooling Breath

Sitali pranayama is a cooling breathing technique that helps regulate the nervous system, cool and calm down, reduce inflammation and bring calmness and peace. It is an ancient breathing technique yogis used back in the day when it was very hot and they needed to cool down.

The rolling of the tongue, allows the air to pass though the moist saliva on the tongue, which helps cool the inside of our body. See the video for a demonstration and an alternative to the tongue rolling. It is genetic, and some of us will simply need to fold the tongue.

I use sitali pranayama when I feel my asthma start to kick in. Asthma is an inflammation, and the cooling affects of this breathing system helps calm and cool the inflammation.

If when sitting to meditate, the mind is racing, try doing 10 rounds of sitali, and then go back to meditating.

Practice a minimum of 2 rounds to begin feeling the benefits, though 12 rounds is much better for long lasting results.

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