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The dilemma of batter choice.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Whether to Mamata to vote again,or the alternative? Is BJP the befitting alternative?It is a difficult judgement.The governance of BJP under Modi is clean and disciplined. But they resort to communalism to acquire power.This is an interesting but dangerous strategy.

Jayalalitha,Jyoti Basu and Naveen Pattnaik ruled decades in their respective states but their tenure were not above dispute or scandals.Naveen Pattnaik has the mysterious tenure in Odisha. He is a man above any dispute but his government is not a hyper active government.However he is probably the longest serving Chief Minister of India.Democracy is a choice of relativity.Naveen is always relatively batter.After the emerge of Modi regional parties are losing ground but Naveen is a exception.Mamata could have been in the same page of Naveen Bengal would not have been a hot bed of communism .Bengal has been signaled its preference since last general elections.Since then Mamata has been focusing on development and avoiding the communal devide in Bengal but the troll army of BJP is equally hyper to explore the Bangladeahi issue in a regional election.BJP has been succeeded in this strategy in the cow belt as well as in the north-east and recently in Hydrabad.

Communalism is a wrong election plank.Pakistan is worse again.Corruption is the biggest issue of Indian states.Development has been taken back seat while it is pivotal for a clean democracy.Manik Sarkar was to be replaced in Triputa but Biplab Dev is not his substitute,these choice are some times erroneous.

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