The Kunduli Rape Victim:The Minor Girl is Crying in the wilderness

Value of Life in the tribal district of Koraput in Odisha is not at par with the worth of life at Delhi our Mumbai.The soul of Nirbhaya was fortunate that the unfortunate incident was happened to her in Delhi, where high profile socialites,activities, media persons and leaders live and more fortunately the  accused were mere bus drivers and slum dwelling people.

In the Kunduli case all the law enforcement agencies are looking calculative in there action including the State Government, which has ordered two probes,both CID and Judicial.Media is not proactive and activists are not visible very strongly.

Taking all onus at her, the Kunduli monor girl is fighting a lone war.She dare to share her very personal and private information to get justice, but no TI parade has been made as per the line of the allegation made by the girl.This tribal girl tabled her chastity in the public domain but no approprite reciprocation she has received as yet.The Ho’ble Odisha High Cour has called for the status report from the Governmenr.

Even after more then a month of the incident the girl is still under medical treatment with the assurance of the Chief Minister for all kind of advanced medical treatment if required.Police is claiming no iota of rape but still she is under treatment,what kind of treatment is suspicious.Her 164 statement recorded through a magistrate,though after 17 days of the incident.The Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College authorities have constituted a team of doctors to conduct her medical test.

Police has a different theory of suspects, and as per the police theory four family relatives has been interrogated including a lie detection test of one person, so as per the police narrative,the girl herself is suspicious.The OHRC and many government and private organizations are travelling to Koraput to see the girl and to take stock of the situation.

So initiatives are plenty in this case to show solidarity,but some where right earnest is lacking in these bizarre solidarity.In the morass of hectic investigation by so many agency the voice of the victim is suppressed and ignored.Though the victim herself is the witness,her opinion is being undermined along with a lot of confusing technicalities.In this whole process of narratives police is  yet to follow one simple procedure to publish the sketch of the suspect,as the girl is confident of narrating  or recognizing at least one suspect.

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