The new Naveen

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Looking at the past history of Naveen Pattnaik it was apprehended that some thing serious would happen against Arun Sahu as the BJP sponsored noise media was quite hyper to aggravate the issue.Naveen Pattnaik had never spared any BJD leader or Minister for meager or bigger allegations.This has been his strategy to cowdown anti-incumbancy.Looking at the past antecedents BJP had played a calculated move to trap Naveen Pattnaik in axeing his own party by dismissing a good organizer like Arun Sahu.To the disappointment of all political preachers Naveen played a reverse strategy to surprise his opponents.

I do believe any adverse action against Arun Sahu could have motivated the principal opposition BJP to plot more stories or scandal allegations against series of BJD leaders to trouble Naveen Patnaik on regular intervals.Over the last few years BJP has developed substantial control over mainstream media and have developed it’s own social media network both in the national level as well as in the regional level.The experiment BJP is trying in West Bengal will be replicated in Odisha soon to create abusive noise against the ruling party and its leaders in a massive scale to puzzle like they are using Arnab Goswami against Uddhav Thackery.

The only winner against this puzzle game was Arbind Kezriwal who outrightly ignored the game of noise sponsored by BJP.Mamata Banerjee is also trying hard to change the rule of the game and the political narratives of Bengal but Hindu- Mualim divide has been taken it’s right position and difficult for Mamata to survive the hurricane of Hindu fundamentalism.

The recent byelections of Odisha signalled a trend that is not congenial to BJP.BJP is steel suffering from trust deficit in Odisha even Modi being the pan-Indian popular image.Unfortunately BJP is pushing a leader in Odisha who is unanimously unacceptable in Odisha. The last resort for BJP is to plot conspiracy,invest money,control media and creating noise to grab power. This is not a tested theory so far but no bar in trial and error.

The performance of most of the BJP MP and MLA are poor in the last one and half year.Covid may be consider as an excuse but coming two year is crucial for them.Looking at the economic condition of the country nothing miracle can be expected from the BJP parliamentarians. As such BJP is a divided house in the State,even more acute than Congress.Dharmendra Pradhan inspite having big clout in Delhi power corridor is not able to enjoy clear command over the party in Odisha.Though every thing is looking calm within the party,one powerful coterie is grooming within the party to resist the absolute authority of Dharmendra Pradhan in Odisha.This is the trouble Odisha BJP is expected to witness before 2024 elections.

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