The perpetual clash between IMA and Baba Ramdeb

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Baba Ramdev-Man behind the mission

Satyabrata Dwibedy

When IMA and entire Indian media ridiculed Coronil, a series of drugs introduced by Ramdev,the later one never had been to file a FIR.We all know Corona has no solution,the treatment of corona is mostly symptomatic .Preventive treatment is rather batter then the horrible days of Corona nightmare .Even the Chinese system is relying on herbs to treat Corona.

In India Rajasthan and Kerala government are resorting to cocktail of drugs including Ayurved to treat moderate to severe corona.Whether Ayurved treats corona or alopathy is a debatable subject and this is not the time to squabble.This is a time to put the highest efforts to save lives.

It is squarely irresponsible to claim alopathy a science and rest of the medical practice quackery.Since ages Ayurved and homeopathy have equal contribution to medical science.Corona is not going to be eradicated in short times.A long way is to go to get rid of corona.The next course of action is to prevent and escape from corona through food,lifestyle changes and rejuvenating human immune system. This is a domain where Ayurved has numerous solutions.

Reliable studies have suggested that ayurvedic intervention during early days of corona can reduce the requirement of too much of toxic medication.Keeping apart the efficacy of Ayurved and homeopathy,these two medication theories are stable from day one. Ayurved experts are not changing their therapy on daily basis,they are confident of the efficacy of Tulsi,Amla,Pippali,Trikattu, Giloy and so many wounder drugs.However it is alopathy which is changing its view daily,still they are not conclusive.

Right from HCQ,Remdesiver,Feviflu to plasma therapy,each one is the disputed drugs and the experts themselves have suggested too much of drugs and steroid has contributed the breakout of black-fungus and white fungus.The alopathy procedure is contradicting its own system and without any doubt Ayurved is safer.

The real quest is to find out a holistic approach to treat this pandemic.Though I am not a doctor I believe people are suffering massive side effects due to irrational use of classified drugs,even many people are loosing lives after getting out of corona.It is important to segregate patients into mild,moderate and sever categories.During mild and moderate ayurved to be included in the medicine kits including the routine drugs.

This is not the time to play blame game,rather it is a time to experiment all possible options to save lives. There is a Central Ayurvedic Research Hospital in Bhubaneswar just 100 miters away from the SUM Covid Hospital of Bhubaneswar.This hospital is maintaining a separate OPD for covid patients.This is wrong and a sign of ego of the two branches of medical science.It would be prudent to invite the Ayurvedic doctors of this hospital to the Covid ward of SUM Hospital and assimilate both the system as a team to prepare a common medical kit to treat the patients in a holistic approach.No treatment procedure is concrete in Corona,then what is the error in trying a new concept which is in demand by many rational medical experts,as they termed it as “Mixopathy” .

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